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29.12.2014 18:00 Politics
Speaker of the Senate, Kazakhstan Parliament’s upper chamber, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev has summarized the legislative work of 2014 and told about the tasks for 2015.
27.03.2014 19:26 Laws, Initiatives
Participation in foreign armed conflicts has become a criminal offence in Kazakhstan.
20.02.2014 11:55 Finance
Through the decision to raise the interest rate you could rehabilitate yourself at least a bit. The people believed you and you ditched them: Senator Svetlana Dzhalmagambetov.
13.02.2014 11:23 Politics
US Senator Rand Paul filed suit against President Barack Obama and other officials in a bid to end the secret program that scoops up telephone data on virtually all Americans.
11.11.2013 16:03 Politics
Conservative US leaders, fond of finger-pointing at France in recent years, lavished praise on Paris Sunday for blocking an agreement between Western powers and Iran over Tehran's nuclear program.
05.03.2013 16:47 Crime
A prostitute who triggered a political scandal by claiming US Senator Robert Menendez paid her for sex has admitted she made up the allegations.
04.02.2013 19:44 Politics
Kazakhstan Senate speaker and head of the secretariat of the Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions will render a visit to Vatican on February 5-7.
31.01.2013 10:02 Politics
The US Senate on Tuesday confirmed Senator John Kerry will be the next secretary of state, approving President Barack Obama's pick to replace Hillary Clinton as America's top diplomat.
22.10.2012 14:19 People
Former US senator George McGovern, a liberal icon who vowed to end the Vietnam War but lost a landslide presidential election to Richard Nixon in 1972, died early Sunday at the age of 90.
19.09.2012 16:42 Laws, Initiatives
A conservative Australian senator was forced to resign from his parliamentary role on Wednesday after he linked same-sex marriage to bestiality and polygamy during a debate.
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