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5.9-magnitude quake hits Taiwan A 5.9-magnitude earthquake jolted Taiwan Wednesday and shook buildings in the capital, the Seismology Centre said, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
21 мая 2014
Strong quake shakes Mexico A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico and the nation's capital early Saturday, two days after a similar temblor rattled the country.
10 мая 2014
©Reuters/Ivan Alvarado 6.6-quake hits off PNG's Bougainville: USGS A strong 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck off Papua New Guinea's Bougainville Island Saturday but there was no risk of a widespread tsunami, seismologists said.
19 апреля 2014
Strong quake strikes off Chile A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck off Chile's northwestern coast on Sunday, the latest of at least seven quakes to hit the region in recent days.
24 марта 2014
Japan deep sea drilling boat casts off to find quakes A Japan-led team of seismologists set off Friday on a mission to drill deep beneath the seabed in a search for the origin of earthquakes.
13 сентября 2013
Seismographic graph showing the magnitude of the earthquake. ©REUTERS/David Moir 6.0 quake off Russia's far-east Kamchatka coastline A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula early Tuesday followed by a series of strong after-shocks.
21 мая 2013
N. Korea carries out apparent nuclear test North Korea staged an apparent nuclear test Tuesday in a striking act of defiance that, if confirmed, is sure to trigger global condemnation from enemies and allies alike.
12 февраля 2013
US scientists outraged by Italy seismologist ruling US scientists on Tuesday joined global colleagues in expressing outrage at an Italian court's sentencing of six seismologists to jail for underestimating the risks of a 2009 earthquake.
23 октября 2012
Director of Kazakhstan Seismology Institute Tanatkan Abakanov. ©Yaroslav Radlovskiy Scientists denied rumors about devastating earthquakes in Almaty next week No devastating earthquakes are foreseen in Almaty in the coming week: Tanatkan Abakanov
22 июля 2011
©REUTERS 6-7 magnitude earthquakes expected in Central Asia Central Asian countries are considered to be a high seismic risk zone and 6-7 magnitude quakes are possible in the area in the coming years.
14 июня 2011
Almaty Institute of Seismology: May 1 quake was the strongest in the last 50 years in Almaty Seismology Institute commented on Almaty earthquake and preparedness of the population and authorities for natural disasters.
06 июня 2011
©REUTERS World seismic activity will cease in 2025 We have to be psychologically prepared to face the nature's surprises: Tanatkan Abakanov.
26 мая 2011
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