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World seismic activity will cease in 2025 26 мая 2011, 18:17

We have to be psychologically prepared to face the nature's surprises: Tanatkan Abakanov.
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Director of the Seismology Institute Tanatkan Abakanov told Tengrinews.kz, that the period of the intensified global seismic activity will be over by 2025. “Seismic activity is intensified all over the world nowadays. This process started in 1995 and will last approximately until 2025. That is why we have to be psychologically prepared for surprises of the nature, because nature will not ask us for our opinion before taking action; we have to live in a standby mode,” Abakanov said. The Institute Director called Kazakhstan citizens to not surrender to panic, stop believing in gossips and rely on official information only. “Every person should know that their personal preparedness and calmness may affect their well-being. Everyone has to focus on their personal safety and safety of their families,” he added.

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