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22.08.2014 13:26 Entertainment, Style
As American TV viewers await the Emmy Awards honoring last year's programs, the new season opened this summer and it is rich in stars.
05.04.2014 11:05 Cinema, Music
Millions worldwide will tune in for the fourth season of medieval fantasy drama "Game of Thrones" from Sunday as the hit show returns to television screens, promising to deliver its usual jaw-dropping mix of sex, violence and vengeance.
05.03.2014 11:20 Entertainment, Style
Not only the calendar announces the arrival of long awaited warmth, but also lovely blooming of snowdrops in South Kazakhstan Oblast signals the beginning of Spring.
29.01.2014 14:22 Emergencies
Bolivia President Evo Morales declared a state of emergency on Tuesday to assist victims of the country's deadly rainy season, which has claimed 41 lives and left 20,000 people homeless according to provisional figures.
30.09.2011 13:39 Sport
Astana Team Manager Giuseppe Martinelli announced 2 new riders in Pro Team Astana for the next two seasons.
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