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25.08.2016 14:41 People
An angry debate over a ban on burkinis in France was further stoked by images of a veiled woman surrounded by police on a beach in Nice.
04.05.2016 16:29 Environment
Heaps of dead whales, salmon and sardines blamed on the El Nino freak weather phenomenon have clogged Chile's Pacific beaches.
28.04.2016 17:36 Environment
More than 100 tonnes of clams have perished in central Vietnam because of a possible toxic leak into the sea near an industrial zone.
19.04.2016 13:33 Environment
Coral bleaching has been detected in Sydney Harbour. The damaging phenomenon is blamed on warming sea-surface temperatures.
25.06.2015 22:04 Industry, Infrastructure
The expansion of Kazakhstan's Aktau seaport to the north goes according to schedule.
28.02.2015 17:26 Industry, Infrastructure
A new regular container train Lianyungang-Almaty has been launched on February 25.
22.08.2014 12:50 Politics
North Sea oil has been at the centre of fierce debate over Scotland's future ahead of an independence vote next month.
14.07.2014 14:02 Military
North Korea fired 100 artillery shells into the sea Monday in a live-fire drill near the eastern maritime border with South Korea that followed a recent series of missile tests.
12.06.2014 11:59 Politics
Japan on Thursday summoned the Chinese ambassador to complain about fighter jets flying "dangerously" close to two of its military planes over the East China Sea, officials said.
06.06.2014 14:38 Military
Chinese ships sailed into disputed waters off Japan-administered islands in the East China Sea Friday, officials said, after G7 leaders cautioned against "intimidation" in territorial disputes.
12.05.2014 12:37 Politics
Southeast Asian leaders have expressed "serious concern" over territorial disputes in the South China Sea, according to a statement released Monday, amid a growing row between Vietnam and Beijing over contested waters.
05.02.2014 14:19 Politics
Costa Rica said Tuesday it will take Nicaragua to the International Court of Justice over what San Jose alleges is Managua's seeking to have oil exploration work done in Costa Rican waters.
23.01.2014 13:39 Industry, Infrastructure
According to Mr. Mamin, freights reloaded at Aktau port in 2013 totaled 10 million tons, 300 000 tons over the estimated target.
30.12.2013 12:23 Emergencies
Seven Vietnamese schoolchildren drowned while swimming in the sea during a picnic near the southern business hub of Ho Chi Minh City, local police said Monday.
07.11.2013 16:38 Politics
Kazakhstan Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerlan Idrisov says that Kazakhstan makes up for being landlocked by diversifying its foreign relations.
16.09.2013 14:37 Politics
A code of conduct for handling disputes in the South China Sea should be discussed "gradually", Beijing said after meetings with Southeast Asian nations, suggesting any agreement is still far off.
02.07.2013 15:00 Politics
Asia-Pacific security talks opened Tuesday with Beijing under pressure over its South China Sea claims.
26.06.2013 16:38 Environment
As the US urges world leaders to ramp up action on climate change, the leader of one small island chain in the North Pacific Ocean has already got the message -- watching helplessly as rising seas slowly erode his birthplace.
27.05.2013 14:24 Education
The official opening of Kazakhstan Maritime Academy was held in Almaty.
23.05.2013 21:42 Industry, Infrastructure
The capacity of Aktau seaport in Kazakhstan is expected to reach 18 million tons of cargoes by 2020.
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