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Новости по теме: sculpture По вашему запросу найдено: 10 материалов
04.11.2015 15:29 Art, Books
Emerald waters gushed from Rome's Trevi fountain and spotlights lit up its gleaming Baroque facade as the taps were turned back on after a 16-month clean-up to cheers from delighted tourists.
21.12.2014 11:48 Entertainment, Style
More than 250 minor tremors have rattled the Florence region over the past three days, sparking alarm in Italy over the safety of Michelangelo's "David" statue.
08.03.2014 11:57 Art, Books
Emerging from the acrid fumes at a steelworks, artist Liu Bolin inspects the progress of his latest work -- a giant iron fist, poised to punch a hole through modern China.
04.02.2014 14:35 Art, Books
The striking, skeletal forms of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti are juxtaposed with corpulent neo-classical and baroque Italian masterpieces in a new exhibition in Rome exploring the evocative power of the human body.
26.12.2013 14:12 Art, Books
With a deft clip here and a gentle tug there, Makoto Ishibashi sculpts trees with the skill of an artisan whose work is far more than just a job.
23.11.2012 12:43 Environment
Discarded oxygen cylinders, ropes, tents, beer cans and even the remains of a helicopter have been turned into sculpture to highlight waste littering the slopes of Mount Everest.
24.04.2012 12:01 Strange News
London was hit with the row over the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan installed next to the Marble Arch in Hyde Park.
03.10.2011 13:29 Art, Books
Residents of Tucson, AZ, gifted to Almaty a sculpture that represents close relationships between the two sister cities.
30.06.2011 16:49 Kazakhstan
Kostanai has got a new attraction, a concrete keyboard, made to prevent messy parking.
10.06.2011 13:55 Kazakhstan
A famous Kazakhstan painter and sculptor Serzhan Bashirov offered Almaty residents to take a dip into nomad's history and heritage.