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Concrete keyboard installed in Kostanai 30 июня 2011, 16:49

Kostanai has got a new attraction, a concrete keyboard, made to prevent messy parking.
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Students walk on buttons. ©Sofiya Shelepova Students walk on buttons. ©Sofiya Shelepova
Concrete keyboard was installed in Kostanai, Tengrinews.kz reports. Unusual keyboard has already become a local attraction, but only for students so far. However, according to the idea’s authors, the gift is meant for all Kostanai residents. The keyboard's buttons are made of boxes with concrete leads. Huge stone keyboard is an absolute copy of a normal computer keyboard. The mouse in this sculpture is unusual however, because it looks like a rodent. “This is a very cool and unusual keyboard,” students say. "It is a cool place to make photos. We want to send the pictures to our parents.” The authors said that the keyboard was made to stop messy parking. Drivers parked their car right at this spot where flowers used to grow. The flowers are now between the buttons. The buttons are large to stand on, take pictures and even dance.

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