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Photo courtesy of SARS-like virus in Saudi has killed 15: minister Fifteen people in Saudi Arabia have died from a SARS-like virus out of 24 people who contracted it since last August.
14 мая 2013
One suspected case of SARS-like virus in France, one confirmed French health authorities said one person was suspected of contracting a deadly new SARS-like virus after coming into contact with a man confirmed to be infected.
11 мая 2013
©REUTERS/Fahad Shadeed SARS-like virus kills two more in Saudi: ministry A new SARS-like virus has killed two more people in Saudi Arabia, taking the number of deaths from the coronavirus that the kingdom has announced to seven in one week.
07 мая 2013
Three new cases of SARS-like virus in Saudi Arabia Three new cases of a new SARS-like virus have been detected in Saudi Arabia.
04 мая 2013
©REUTERS/Fahad Shadeed Amnesty slams Saudi 'paralysis' sentence Amnesty International appealed to Saudi Arabia not to carry out a reported sentence of paralysis for a man in retribution for allegedly paralysing another man 10 years ago.
04 апреля 2013
Photo by Anastassiya CHATALBASH© Arabs eager to buy natural meat from Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia is planning to implement the project to support Pavlodar cattle breeding farms and start procuring the high-quality meat.
01 апреля 2013
©REUTERS Saudi death from SARS-like virus: WHO A SARS-like virus that has struck in Britain and the Middle East has claimed a new victim in Saudi Arabia, bringing the global toll from the mystery illness to nine.
13 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of Saudi liberal writer arrested for Islam 'insults': relatives A Saudi Arabian liberal writer was arrested on Monday for making comments on his Twitter account that were allegedly insulting to Islam.
26 декабря 2012
Four Kazakhstan citizens injured in car accident during Hajj Kazakhstan received a Hajj quota for 5.5 thousand people this year.
30 октября 2012
Hajj pilgrims stone devil as Eid begins Saudi Arabia's usually deserted Mina valley burst with life as more than three million Muslim pilgrims stoned pillars representing Satan on Friday, first day of the Eid al-Adha holiday.
27 октября 2012
US thinks Iran behind cyberattack in Saudi: ex-official The United States believes Iran was behind a major cyberattack on Saudi Arabia's state oil company and a Qatari gas firm.
14 октября 2012
Kazakhstan pilgrims to depart for Mecca after October 15 5,000 hajj quotas have been allocated to Kazakhstan this year, Spiritual Management of Muslims press-secretary Agabek Sydykov said.
12 октября 2012
Women migrant workers. ©REUTERS/Beawiharta Beawiharta Saudi to accept Philippine maid applications from Monday Saudi Arabia will begin accepting applications for domestic workers from the Philippines on Monday after the two governments resolved a row over minimum pay that had prompted a ban.
01 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Bank HSBC probed for money laundering: report US prosecutors are looking into whether British bank HSBC was involved in laundering money for Mexican drug cartels and moving cash for Saudi Arabian banks with ties to terrorists, The New York Times reported Saturday.
25 августа 2012
Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Kazakhstan Foreign Minister to visit Mecca Kazakhstan delegation led by Foreign Minister will take part in the 4th emergency summit of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.
14 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Saudi women in 'breakthrough' Olympics Saudi Arabia's decision to allow two female athletes to compete at the Olympic Games overturns a decades-old taboo imposed by the conservative Muslim monarchy which still bars women from sports at home.
13 июля 2012
Allabergen lamb. Snapshot from the video of KTK channel Saudi Arabian citizens offered $10 thousand for the lamb with Allah and Mohammed signs Citizens of Saudi Arabia offered $10 thousand to the owner of the lamb from West Kazakhstan that was born with words "Allah" and "Mohammed" on its sides.
10 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan passes the first ever Islamic Finance Development Roadmap Kazakhstan is already home to Al Hilal Islamic Bank. The Bank is a 100% subsidiary of Al Hilal Bank, UAE, and the first Islamic bank in Kazakhstan and CIS countries.
10 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan completes last bilateral talks prior to its planned accession into the WTO The nation “has yet to further multilateral talks on Kazakhstan’s external trade policies”: Minister for Economic Integration.
09 апреля 2012
Kairat Mami. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kairat Mami met with chairman of Saudi Arabian Consultative Assembly Chairman of Kazakhstan Senate arrived in Riyadh for participation in the consultative meeting of the speakers of G20 member-states.
27 февраля 2012

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