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05.10.2014 14:12 Entertainment, Style
Thousands marched in Africa to pressure governments to do more to stop the poaching industry that many fear is driving rhinos and elephants to the brink of extinction.
09.06.2013 16:25 Environment
In a tropical Chinese rainforest, seven savannah-dwelling African rhinos are said to be awaiting release into the wild, raising fears for their welfare in a country with a booming rhino horn trade.
21.05.2013 12:39 Environment
An Australian zoo said Tuesday the birth of a southern white rhinoceros was a "sign of hope" for the species given the escalation of poaching in Africa.
01.03.2013 19:00 Crime
Poachers in northeast India have slaughtered 13 endangered one-horned rhinos in the last two months, officials said Friday as another death added to worries about a recent surge in killings.