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24.01.2014 22:16 People
Runaway teen Indira Gainieva, 17 who eloped with her boyfriend Edward Bunyan, 16 from their boarding school, will be returned to Kyzyolrda.
15.09.2013 14:20 Politics
Chairwoman of the Committee for Protection of Children Raisa Sher said that the children adopted from Kazakhstan who are among the victims of the American re-homing networks may be returned to Kazakhstan.
29.07.2013 12:03 Religion
Pope Francis left Brazil on Sunday after leading a giant beach mass for three million pilgrims, ending his historic trip to reignite Catholic passion with pleas for a humbler Church.
11.06.2013 15:02 Art, Books
Two 10th century statues that Cambodia says were looted from a jungle temple several decades ago are set to arrive home on Tuesday from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.
19.02.2013 10:23 Politics
President Hugo Chavez shocked and delighted Venezuelans by returning home Monday after spending more than two months in Cuba for cancer surgery and treatment.
03.10.2011 13:04 Sport
Kazakhstan cyclist Alexandre Vinokourov has marked his thirty eight birthday on September, 16.
30.09.2011 10:58 Sport
Kazakhstan professional cyclist Alexandr Vinokourov confirmed his intention to join Astana team again in 2012.
08.08.2011 14:49 Sport
Kazakhstan cyclist Dmitry Muravyev has changed American team RadioShack for Astana team.