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Vinokourov had no outstanding physique as a child: his coach 03 октября 2011, 13:04

Kazakhstan cyclist Alexandre Vinokourov has marked his thirty eight birthday on September, 16.
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Vinokourov is a fourth grade schoolboy. ©astanafans.com Vinokourov is a fourth grade schoolboy. ©astanafans.com
Kazakhstan cyclist Alexandre Vinokourov has marked his thirty eight birthday on September, 16. He started cycling in his native Bishkul, a town in north Kazakhstan, when he was ten. Sergey Kruchina, his first coach, remembered the outset of Alexandre's career and said that the boy wasn't distinguished by physique in childhood, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Astana fan website. “He wasn't tall, but he was strong-built. But he distinguished himself by the drive to win, training and self-discipline. He didn't miss any of the trainings during his first five years in cycling. He focused on showing the best result in any sports activity: in press-up, long-jump, pull-up and cross-country run. He didn't manage to show the best result every time, there were stronger and taller boys in the team,” Kruchina said. According to the coach, injuries never stopped Vinokourov. “Cycling is a dangerous sport. Of course, he experienced both biffs and injuries. Once he fell off during a training. I took him to the hospital and he had his arm plastered. But he returned to the trainings after two days. Alexandre held the handle bar of his bicycle with one hand, and held his injured hand on a special pillow.” Vinokourov's main recipe to success is his commitment. He could sacrifice everything in favor of the sport, Kruchina said. Speaking of the recent developments the first coach said that if Vinokourov decided to pursue his career, nothing would stop him. “If another sportsman was in his shoes, I would say that this is impossible, taking into consideration the injury and the age. I've seen Alexandre a week after he was released from the hospital. He was in a wheel chair and the nurse helped him carefully place his operated leg. Then, after fifteen days, I've learned that he started to train. I was astonished, I didn't expect this. This is his yet another heroic acts! I am sure that if he chooses to, he is able to overcome anything!” Kruchina said. Vinokourov was planning to retire after Tour de France 2011. But he fell off into a road ditch and broke his leg during one of the stages of the race. Media hurried over to report Vinokourov's retirement. He promised to get back into shape and ride in Tour of Lombardy on October, 15. His career achievement was a victory in Vuelta general classification in 2006. Also Alexandre Vinokourov won four Tour de France stages in 2003, 2005 and 2010.

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