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21.09.2015 16:08 Politics
Chairman of Kazakhstan's National Bank Kairat Kelimbetov: pension funds are secure against inflation.
30.09.2013 13:01 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov believes that Kazakhstan’s pension system requires further reformation.
24.06.2013 22:01 Laws, Initiatives
According to him, “by 2030 there will be one retired person for every 1.5 working people, with the ration reaching 1 to 1 further on”.
02.02.2013 12:50 Strange News
The archbishop of Los Angeles stripped his predecessor of all church duties Thursday as he released files on more than 100 clerics, as required under a 2007 lawsuit deal over alleged sex abuse.
09.11.2011 16:25 People
Two thirds of the population in Kazakhstan would like to retire before the legal retirement age currently in effect.
05.06.2011 22:11 Finance
Profitability of pension funds does not exceed inflation rate: Maira Kichigina, Deputy Chairman of Narodny Bank Kazakhstan Pension Fund.
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