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17.07.2015 16:47 Companies
Two McDonald’s fast food restaurants are opening in Astana soon.
16.06.2015 03:54 Entertainment, Style
Hard Rock Cafe has finally fling its doors open in Almaty this weekend.
02.02.2015 15:23 Crime
A father and daughter who belonged to a fringe Chinese religious group were executed for beating a woman to death at a McDonald's restaurant.
31.01.2015 16:27 Companies
Shake Shack, a hamburger chain that prides itself on fresh ingredients and good service, soared in its first day of trade on Wall Street.
22.11.2014 14:58 National cooking
In the run-up to Thanksgiving, a holiday to celebrate bountiful harvests, Americans are being urged to stop wasting food so much.
11.11.2014 12:20 Companies
McDonald's recalled nearly a million red whistles included with a Hello Kitty-themed toy offered in children's meal choices in the United States and Canada.
18.10.2014 15:18 Fun Stuff
Apparently, even the president of the United States can have trouble with his credit card.
01.10.2014 14:39 Entertainment, Style
A record 73 restaurants have won stars in the 2015 New York City edition of the prestigious Michelin guide, 14 of them across the river in Brooklyn and Queens.
24.09.2014 15:31 Entertainment, Style
The best place to eat in Milan during fashion week is not in one of the city's multi-starred restaurants.
30.08.2014 12:03 Companies
Russia has temporarily closed 12 branches of McDonald's on health grounds and is carrying out more than 100 inspections.
31.07.2014 22:14 Education
Astana hospitality business workers were trained by Turkish experts for the EXPO-2017.
30.06.2014 10:12 Gadgets
Kazkommertsbank has launched a contactless payment system that uses mobile phones in Kazakhstan.
11.05.2014 10:04 Crime
The owner of a Miami restaurant chain has paid nearly $10 million for a luxurious beach-front home in the US city once owned by famous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.
30.04.2014 10:03 National cooking
Denmark's Noma restaurant on Monday reclaimed the title of world's best restaurant, becoming a four-time winner having lost the title last year to Spain's El Celler de Can Roca.
31.03.2014 16:42 Entertainment, Style
Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck restaurant will close its doors in Britain and relocate to Australia for six months in 2015.
14.03.2014 09:51 Entertainment, Style
He's not even 50, but he's already transformed Peruvian cuisine and his restaurants are ranked among the best in the world.
05.03.2014 17:21 Health
It was banned in restaurants and al fresco eating became all the rage. It was banned in offices, and business started getting done in huddles on the sidewalk.
24.01.2014 14:01 Art, Books
Best known as a celebrity restaurateur Michael Chow is also a trained painter who, until recently, had not picked up his brushes for decades.
05.12.2013 10:27 Entertainment, Style
A Biblically-named restaurant in China where patrons can pay whatever they want -- or nothing at all -- has shown that while loving your neighbour may be laudable, it is a risky business model.
28.10.2013 15:53 Politics
A Chinese Communist Party official has been suspended after running up unpaid bills of $115,000 at a speciality pig trotter restaurant.
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