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Over 700,000 mourn influential Israeli rabbi More than 700,000 people took to Jerusalem's streets Monday to mourn the spiritual leader of Israel's Sephardic Jews, in an unprecedented procession for an influential figure who died after surgery.
09 октября 2013
Pope says Church should rid itself of 'worldliness' Pope Francis on Friday called for the Catholic Church and its faithful to rid themselves of earthly concerns like St Francis of Assisi during a pilgrimage to the saint's Italian hometown.
07 октября 2013
©Reuters/Zoubeir Souissi Israel: European rights resolution on circumcision 'racist' Israel labelled as "racist" and "anti-religious" Friday a resolution of the pan-European human rights body calling for regulation of circumcision practices.
06 октября 2013
©Marat Abilov e-ISLAM to be launched in Kazakhstan by year end e-ISLAM web portal will be launched in Kazakhstan this year.
04 октября 2013
Survey finds US Jews losing their religion Jews in the United States are overwhelmingly proud to be Jewish, yet nearly one in five of them describe themselves as having no religion.
01 октября 2013
Indonesia to host Miss World final despite Muslim anger The Miss World final takes place on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday after weeks of protests from Muslim hardliners and warnings that extremists could attack the pageant.
26 сентября 2013
Almaty Central Mosque. Photo courtesy of Almaty Central Mosque comments on sex row Almaty Central Mosque commented on the sex row over the Mosque’s school.
13 сентября 2013
Almaty Central Mosque. Photo courtesy of Former student of Almaty Mosque's school turns to prosecutors A former student of the Islamic school for women of Almaty Central Mosque filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office asking to check on the activities of the school.
10 сентября 2013
Only 3 percent of Kazakhstan's imams have higher theological education Only 3 percent of Kazakhstan’s imams have higher theological education, 30 percent graduated from special educational institutions and the rest of them only took 3 or 6-month clergy courses.
06 сентября 2013
©REUTERS/Kacper Pempel Bishops in US come out against military strikes on Syria Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States opposed military action against Syria on Wednesday, saying it would led to "unintended negative consequences."
05 сентября 2013
Pope to investigate Poland's ritual slaughter ban Pope Francis has ordered an investigation into a Polish ban on the ritual kosher slaughter of animals.
03 сентября 2013
Zhanar Boranbayeva. Snapshot of the video of Channel 31 Sexual row unfolds over Almaty Central Mosque One of the students of the Madrasah for Women of Almaty city's Central Mosque complains that the school’s students are forced to become wives of the imams.
27 августа 2013
Pope Francis. ©REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini Pope calls for mutual respect between Christians and Muslims Pope Francis reached out to Muslims on Sunday to mark the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and called on them and Christians to promote mutual respect.
13 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes Gay Muslims in Turkey: torn between religion and sexuality "When I was a child, I was told that homosexuals would burn in hell," said Ertugrul, a Muslim fighting for greater freedom for gays in a country where homosexuality remains taboo.
07 августа 2013
Pope Francis: 'Who am I to judge' gays? Pope Francis reached out to gays on Monday, declaring that it is not his place to judge them -- while also condemning the Vatican's reported gay lobby as a "serious problem".
30 июля 2013
Pope leaves Brazil trip after giant mass Pope Francis left Brazil on Sunday after leading a giant beach mass for three million pilgrims, ending his historic trip to reignite Catholic passion with pleas for a humbler Church.
29 июля 2013
Pope understands youth who lose faith over church sins Pope Francis on Friday voiced understanding for young people who have lost faith over the Catholic Church's failings and those turned off by corrupt politics.
27 июля 2013
Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev. © Grace church pastor in for psychiatric check in Almaty Pastor of a protestant church in Astana, accused of harming one of the church’s members, will have to undergo a psychiatric check in Almaty.
25 июля 2013
Rio metro breaks down, causing chaos amid papal visit Rio de Janeiro's subway broke down on Tuesday, causing chaos for throngs of pilgrims in town for a huge Catholic gathering and a papal visit already marked by security lapses.
24 июля 2013
Brazilians throng streets to greet pope Tens of thousands of pilgrims packed Rio de Janeiro's streets to greet Pope Francis on Monday, joyfully swarming his car and chanting his name in a country recently rocked by social unrest.
23 июля 2013

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