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23.07.2014 10:45 Auto
Chrysler said it would recall up to 792,300 sport utility vehicles to fix an ignition-switch problem, the same part involved in the massive General Motors recall.
23.06.2014 13:29 Auto
Japan's Honda Motor recalled more than two million vehicles worldwide over an airbag defect that could pose a fire risk.
17.06.2014 12:07 Auto
General Motors on Monday recalled 3.4 million cars in North America to fix an ignition problem that could cause the car to lose power that is linked to injuries.
30.05.2014 13:09 Auto
US automaker Ford Motor issued safety recalls Thursday for nearly 1.4 million cars in North America, mostly in the US, to fix potential steering and other problems.
23.05.2014 14:35 Auto
Toyota on Friday said it is recalling about 520,000 vehicles, mostly in North America, over several issues including cable corrosion that could see unused spare tyres fall off.
17.05.2014 14:10 Auto
The US auto safety regulator Friday imposed a record $35 million fine on General Motors for its failure to promptly recall cars with ignition faults linked to at least 13 deaths.
10.05.2014 10:58 Auto
US automakers Ford and Chrysler recalled on Friday hundreds of thousands of vehicles, most of them in North America, to fix faulty software and mechanical problems.
13.04.2014 11:36 Auto
German automaker BMW is recalling almost half a million vehicles worldwide due to an engine part defect, a company spokesman said.
19.03.2014 09:51 Auto
General Motors announced its second massive recall in two months on Monday as it works to contain a growing scandal over the safety of its vehicles.
01.10.2013 11:41 Auto
Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada challenged automakers Monday to step up sales of hybrids in the United States, calling them "a long bridge" into future vehicles.
02.09.2013 10:17 Auto
Ford Motor Co. said Friday it was recalling about 370,000 vehicles in North America due to possible corrosion of the steering shaft that could cause a loss of steering.
20.08.2013 10:22 Companies
Japanese cosmetics maker Kanebo said Monday the number of complaints about skin discolouring from using its whitening products has topped 7,000 from customers both at home and abroad.
18.08.2013 11:53 Auto
General Motors and Hyundai both recalled large numbers of vehicles in the United States Friday.
19.06.2013 20:04 Auto
Chrysler announced Tuesday that it would bow to the US safety regulator's pressure to recall 2.7 million Jeep Libertys and Jeep Grand Cherokees over a fire risk that caused dozens of deaths.
08.05.2013 10:49 Companies
General Motors is recalling nearly 43,000 hybrid vehicles in the United States and around 500 in Canada to fix a defect that could cause a fire in the trunk.
26.12.2012 11:13 Auto
General Motors will recall 119,000 US vehicles because some of them may be missing a backup hood latch, the US automaker said in regulatory filings.
21.12.2012 10:47 Auto
Mitsubishi Motors on Wednesday widened a recall over an oil leak issue on vehicles sold in Japan to about 1.7 million vehicles, prompting a rebuke from the country's transport ministry.
15.08.2012 11:13 Auto
Some 23,000 cheap Chinese-made cars were Wednesday recalled in Australia after asbestos was found in their engines, with unions demanding to know how they came to be in the country.