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20.01.2015 20:17 Sport
The world‘s most prestigious Dakar rally has finished on January 18 and Kazakhstan's crew is in Top 10.
15.01.2015 09:28 Sport
Dakar's first part is over with three crews from Kazakhstan remaining in the marathon rally.
12.01.2015 20:55 Sport
A crew from Kazakhstan consisting of Marat Abykayev and Andrey Chipenko from Off Road Kazakhstan team has come first in its T2 group.
12.01.2015 20:49 Sport
One of Kazakhstan's crews racing the super rally marathon Dakar make it into the top-10 in the general classification.
06.01.2015 13:39 Sport
Four crews from Kazakhstan are racing the prestigious Dakar Rally in 2015.
06.01.2015 12:37 Sport
Two Kazakhstani crews racing in Africa Eco Race-2015 have manage to stay in the Top-5 after the fifth stage of the rally.
02.07.2014 02:04 Politics
Carrying banners and chanting slogans, thousands of protesters gathered for a pro-democracy rally in Hong Kong that organisers say could be the largest since the city was handed back to China.
16.04.2014 16:38 Politics
A image of Kazakhstani Gaukhar Monko has become a symbol of support for Ukraine in the rallies held in England.
10.04.2014 14:54 Politics
Kyrgyzstan police detained scores of people in the capital Bishkek Thursday as the opposition gathered for a rally to demand reforms.
15.03.2014 18:11 Disasters
Thousands of campaigners rallied against nuclear power in Tokyo Saturday, as the government and utilities move toward resumption of reactors in southern Japan.
16.02.2014 02:43 Unrest
Initially around 50 people gathered in front of the Republic Palace in Almaty. As time went by the number was nearing 200 people.
11.01.2014 12:37 Sport
An experienced Belgian motorbike rider has died competing in this year's Dakar Rally, organisers announced on Friday.
10.01.2014 20:56 Sport
Both Kazakhstan crews encountered a similar problem with their gears at the eight stage.
06.01.2014 16:01 Sport
Four Astana Motorsports crews from Astana Presidential Sports Club have started the Dakar Rally 2014, the annual off-road race.
30.12.2013 18:46 Sport
Kazakhstan’s Mobilex Racing Team have successfully passed the technical and administrative checks before the start of Africa Eco Race 2014
21.10.2013 15:18 Sport
The 6th and last leg of the Rally OiLibya of Morocco was over on October 19.
19.08.2013 18:21 Unrest
Thousands of Azerbaijani opposition supporters held a rare authorised rally Sunday to demand a free-and-fair presidential election scheduled for October in the tightly controlled ex-Soviet state.
30.07.2013 09:19 Religion
More than a thousand bearded men, muffled in scarves and accompanied by veiled women, stand under the hot sun, waving black and white flags and chanting "Allahu Akbar!".
24.07.2013 15:30 Unrest
Bulgarian protesters clashed with police on the 40th evening of massive anti-government rallies in the EU's poorest country Tuesday after preventing ministers.
08.07.2013 18:59 Sport
Kazakhstan racers have made a success start at the prestigious Silk Way 2013 rally raid in Russia.
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