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Africa Eco Race: despite setbacks Kazakh crews press on 10 января 2014, 20:56

Both Kazakhstan crews encountered a similar problem with their gears at the eight stage.
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Car of Kanat Shagirov and Aleksandr Sakhimov. ©Vesti.kz Car of Kanat Shagirov and Aleksandr Sakhimov. ©Vesti.kz
The 9th stage of the prestigious rally Africa Eco Race 2014 took place in Mauritanian city Akzhut, reports Tengrinews citing Vesti.kz. The length of this stage was 309 km. Kazakhstani Mobilex Racing Team crews both had trouble with their gears at the 8th stage, but they still managed to finish the 337km special stage: Shagirov and Moroz on Hummer H3 Evo finished 25th and Sazonov and Sakhimov on Hummer H3 Evo finished 26th. In the overall ranking the breakdown cost Kanat Shagirov/Alexander Moroz (#206) 11 lines in the general ranking reducing them from the 4th to the 15th place. Yuriy Sazanov/Arslan Sakhimov (#208) lost 8 lines and ended up in the 20th place of the general ranking. Photo of the damaged gear provided by the team. Both crews finished the repairs overnight and turn up for the next start. This enabled them avoid withdrawal from the race. French racers Sabatier and Rozand won the stage, followed by Germans Henrard and Barbier in the 2nd place and Italians Kovacs and Czegledi in the 3rd place. However Schlesser and Magnaldi retained their 1st place in the overall ranking. Review of the 8th stage After the setback during the previous stage, both teams were eager to start the 9th stage with 289km-long special section - and make up for the lost time. However they did not improve their standings much. Shagirov and Moroz finished the Akjowlt-Toleila in the 15th place. Sazonov and Sakhimov finished in the 18th place. After the 9th stage Shagirov/Morozov crew had the 14th place and Sazanov/Sakhimov took the 16th place in the overall ranking. Frenchmen Yves and Jean Fromont driving VW Buggy Tarek won the 9th stage that took place in Akjowlt-Toleila on January 9. The French team outrun the Germans Stephane Henrard and Bruno Barbier by 2:26 minutes. Despite finishing 3rd in the 9th stage, the French team of Schelesser/Magnaldi retained the leadership in the overall ranking. Review of the 9th stage The 10th stage is taking place on January 10th and cover the 494 km distance between Toueila and Saint Louis. The International race Africa Eco Race follows the classic Dakar route. This year, the routes run through Marocco, Mauritania and Senegal. The race started on December 29, 2013 in Saint-Cyprien, France and will finish on January 11, 2014 in Lac Rose Dakar.

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