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31.01.2015 01:16 Sport
On February 14 and 15, Almaty’s Medeu ice skating rink will host a stage of the Speedway world championship.
05.01.2015 15:54 Sport
Kazakhstan's crew composed of Yuriy Sazonov and Arslan Sakhimov has become the leader in the general classification after the third stage at the Africa Eco Race-2015.
29.12.2014 14:12 Sport
Five crews are representing Kazakhstan at Africa Eco Race-2015 that started yesterday in southern France.
08.10.2014 17:02 People
Her name is Lyubov Andreeva and she is presenting Kazakhstan at Formula Russia this year.
28.07.2014 19:46 Sport
Motorcycle racer Jorge Lorenzo has visited Almaty.
02.06.2014 17:58 Entertainment, Style
The public wanted spectacles and it got Formula-1 level entertainment in Almaty on June 1st.
31.05.2014 14:47 Auto
The Republic Square in Almaty will be closed for traffic on June 1st for the Reb Bull event involving a Formula 1 racing car.
15.02.2014 12:27 Strange News
Kazakhstan racer Anton Avdeev, Timofey’s father, took a video of a priceless reaction of the boy while drifting.
14.10.2011 12:14 Sport
Almaty Central Stadium race track is acknowledged to be the best Central Asian track.