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15.10.2014 14:42 Crime
Twelve adults and five children suspected of child sex crimes and human trafficking have been arrested in Colombia in a joint operation with the United States.
13.10.2014 13:07 Unrest
A former prostitute walked 500 miles across France to demand that the government make good on its promise to penalise clients ended her protest march in Paris.
05.06.2014 14:49 Strange News
Canada's attorney general unveiled a law Wednesday that makes it legal to sell sex to individuals but illegal to buy it, after the high court struck down an anti-prostitution law.
01.03.2014 10:43 Laws, Initiatives
A New Zealand prostitute has won substantial damages for sexual harassment by a brothel owner, with sex workers hailing the decision as a landmark ruling that shows the country as a world leader in protecting their rights.
30.11.2013 13:35 Laws, Initiatives
French lawmakers on Saturday adopted a highly controversial provision in a bill that punishes clients of prostitutes amid fierce argument that the new measure will be counterproductive.
24.06.2013 19:02 People
70 percent of the boys raised in the system end up in jail and 60 percent of girls turn to prostitution: Dariga Nazarbayeva.
13.06.2013 10:00 Politics
The US envoy to Belgium Tuesday denied "baseless accusations" that he trawled for prostitutes in a park, as the State Department hit out at charges top staff tried to hush up sex-and-drugs charges.
26.03.2013 12:07 Education
International students studying in New Zealand, where prostitution is legal, have been told they are to be barred from working in the sex trade.
05.03.2013 18:28 Politics
Silvio Berlusconi hosted a "prostitution system" at his villa near Milan, where he paid women for sex with cash and favours.
05.03.2013 16:47 Crime
A prostitute who triggered a political scandal by claiming US Senator Robert Menendez paid her for sex has admitted she made up the allegations.
28.02.2013 11:25 Laws, Initiatives
The city of Amsterdam said Tuesday it will raise the legal age of prostitutes from 18 to 21 and announced plans to close brothels during the early morning hours in a bid to protect sex workers.
22.10.2012 17:17 Crime
A hearing opens in a French court Monday in a case involving a high-end prostitution ring that was active during the Cannes Film Festival and possibly had ties to a son of slain Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi.
12.10.2012 13:44 Laws, Initiatives
Vietnam will free about 900 sex workers next year from compulsory rehabilitation centres across the country, state media reported Thursday.
21.07.2012 11:28 Military
Ten US military personnel involved in the prostitution scandal that overshadowed President Barack Obama's trip to a regional summit in April in Colombia have been punished but not dismissed.
28.07.2011 11:48 People
Aiken Adamdayev has already saved one girl who found herself a sexual slave in Turkey. He redeemed her from her “master” for $300.
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