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Kazakh blogger works to save fellow countrywomen from sexual slavery 28 июля 2011, 11:48

Aiken Adamdayev has already saved one girl who found herself a sexual slave in Turkey. He redeemed her from her “master” for $300.
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Aiken Adambayev, a blogger from Kazakhstanб has launched a campaign to save Kazakhstan girls who have fallen victims of sexual slavery in foreign countries, Express-K reports. In his blog Adambayev writes about his travels to foreign countries. Besides all the other details he mentions visiting local brothels. While in Istanbul, the blogger met a prostitute who originated from Kazakhstan. She told him that she was a victim of sexual slavery. The girl, Tatyana said that she was “caught” by a job ad offering work abroad. The panders behind the add took her passport from her, beat her up and made her work in the brothel. Adambayev decided to save the girl and redeemed her from her “master” for $300. Now the blogger is planning to save 20 more girls who are in sexual slavery in Turkey, Egypt and Personal Gulf countries.

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