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Google computer wins final game against S. Korean Go master A Google-developed computer programme won the machine vs human challenge against South Korean Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol.
15 марта 2016
Askhat Murzabayev. Photo © 25 y.o. Kazakhstani programmer donates $2 million for cancer research Having worked at Barclays for half a year, a programmer from Kazakhstan Askhat Murzabayev earned a little over $2 million and donated the money to the International Cancer Research Center.
22 июля 2015
'Saturday Night Live' marks 40 years of comedy irreverence The Daily Show or music videos, an irreverent comedy troupe launched "Saturday Night Live" in 1975, unaware it would transform American humor and become the country's most successful comedy show of all time.
16 февраля 2015
©RIA Novosti / Mikhail Kutusov Kazakhstan launches 10-year anti-corruption strategy Kazakhstan is launching a new anti-corruption strategy that focuses on preventive measures and public participation.
31 декабря 2014
Photo courtesy of Nazarbayev sums up first five years of Kazakhstan's industrialization program Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has summarized the first five years of Kazakhstan's industrialisation program.
29 декабря 2014
©REUTERS Time for worldwide fund to save mangroves: UNEP World lenders should set up a "Global Mangrove Fund" to protect these hotspots of biodiversity and vital sources of income.
30 сентября 2014
'Saturday Night Live' cruises into middle age It's called "Saturday Night Live" and it's made in New York, but as the storied US comedy sketch show cruises into middle age.
27 сентября 2014
©Reuters/Robert Galbraith US threatened Yahoo with huge fine over surveillance US authorities threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to comply with a secret surveillance program.
12 сентября 2014
Zharas Alimkhanov. Photo courtesy of Student from Kazakhstan to develop Google applications Zharas Alimkhanov, a student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School, and his team have won Through Glass international contest in Spain.
01 июля 2014
 ©Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstanis will wait for housing for a lifetime: Senator Kazakhstanis will have to wait for the government to solve their housing problems for their entire life.
17 июня 2014
The region of Central Asia EU is slow in implementing its Central Asia assistance plan The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has concluded that the Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) had developed a good plan of assistance to Central Asia, but was implementing it slowly.
16 января 2014
Photo courtesy of Kids coached to pitch world-changing ideas A program launched globally on Tuesday set out to inspire children to present their big ideas for changing the world.
15 января 2014
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan offers Russia to develop new cooperation program for Baikanur Kazakhstan has offered Russia to develop a new cooperation program for Baikanur Cosmodrome to be implemented until 2030.
11 декабря 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to improve 80% of its roads by 2020 The most road sectors of Kazakhstan will be repaired by the 2020.
09 декабря 2013
 ©RIA Novosti US Embassy offers anti-drug grants to Kazakhstan NGOs The US Embassy in Kazakhstan is giving out smaller grants to NGOs for projects to reduce drug abuse in Kazakhstan.
15 ноября 2013
World Bank to cut costs, bureaucracy: Kim World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Friday announced a program to slash costs and reduce bureaucracy at the huge development organization that is expected to result in significant layoffs.
12 октября 2013
© Kazakhstan adopts program for countering terrorism and extremism The state program for countering religious extremism and terrorism for 2013-2017 has been adopted in Kazakhstan.
02 октября 2013
©Reuters 55% in Kazakhstan are overweight More than a half of the Kazakhstan population have excess weight.
25 сентября 2013
©REUTERS/Barry Huang Apple launches iPhone trade-in program in US Apple on Friday began letting US iPhone owners trade in their smartphones for credit toward buying new models.
31 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis IMF approves 1.7 bn euro loan payout to Greece The International Monetary Fund released 1.72 billion euros ($2.29 billion) in aid for Greece on Monday after completing a review of the country's performance under the international rescue program.
30 июля 2013

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