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19.12.2012 10:51 People
Diehard doomsayers will be scurrying to the nearest shelter in fear of a Mayan prophecy of the world's end Friday, but many more from Delhi to Sydney will ring in the date by partying like there's no tomorrow.
18.12.2012 18:49 Entertainment, Style
If the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to descend on Earth, it seems one might be riding in from South Korea on an invisible steed to the tune of "Gangnam Style".
13.12.2012 11:00 Strange News
The End Of The World As We Know It -- TEOTWAWKI -- is littered with predictions that didn't quite pan out.
19.11.2012 13:36 Strange News
Many Kazakhstan citizens are concerned about the Mayan calendar’s ‘apocalyptic’ prediction that the world may end on December 21, 2012.
14.11.2012 14:25 Art, Books
The painted grins are stretched so wide they seem to hurt. And that is pretty much what Yue Minjun intended, the Chinese artist explained at the Paris opening of his first major show in Europe.
25.04.2012 14:30 Strange News
A calf with number 7 on its forehead was born in a village of Kenesary Burabay region in Akmola Oblast.
27.05.2011 17:18 Strange News
A fan club of a famous Kazakh medium Bakhyt Zhumatova opened in United States.
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