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Germany puts refugees to work... for one euro With a spoon and spatula in hand an Iraqi refugee lifts the lid on a large pot filled with goulash and potatoes as he begins his shift.
16 мая 2016
'Social fridges' open in Argentina as poverty rises With hardship rising due to job cuts and inflation, Argentina has resorted to putting food in outdoor "social fridges" for the needy.
11 мая 2016
Ed Sheeran to headline New York anti-poverty concert The English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will headline the Global Citizen Festival, a free concert in New York aimed at rallying support to fight global poverty.
11 июня 2015
British PM under fire over rise in food bank users Britain's opposition centre-left Labour urged Prime Minister David Cameron to address low pay after a charity revealed more than one million people were reliant on food banks.
22 апреля 2015
London food bank busy as Christmas approaches Food bank use in Britain is growing rapidly and Christmas has been a particularly busy time for centres like the one run by a Christian charity.
24 декабря 2014
Global warming could undermine poverty fight: World Bank Climate change could undermine efforts to defeat extreme poverty around the globe, the World Bank warned Sunday.
24 ноября 2014
Men eat their lunch on a street after buying the food from a street vendor in Beijing. ©REUTERS More than 82 million in poverty in China: official More than 82 million people in China still live on less than about $1 a day, despite a decades-long boom that made it the world's second-largest economy.
15 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Ghana says poverty cut by half since 1992 The number of people living in poverty in Ghana halved between 1992 and 2013, the government said Friday.
30 августа 2014
Photo © Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstan to share experience in poverty eradication internationally: Nazarbayev Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to create a poverty eradication roadmap in the countries of Asia and Africa.
28 мая 2014
Syria refugees in Lebanon drowning in poverty, says Oxfam Desperate Syrian refugee families in Lebanon are slipping further into debt and poverty, affecting their children's education and their dignity, an international aid agency said Thursday.
21 ноября 2013
©REUTERS/Luc Gnago Study details 'severe' brutality against women in PNG Women in poverty-stricken Papua New Guinea suffer "severe brutality" with violence, including savage attacks involving knives, axes and whips, occurring in two-thirds of all families.
13 августа 2013
US National Security Advisor Susan Rice. ©REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz USAID hails 'eureka moments' in infant, maternal health US National Security Advisor Susan Rice called for more "eureka moments" and "unorthodox partnerships."
01 августа 2013
Mexico's poverty figures staggering: Amnesty Mexico's enormous and worsening poverty figures underscore that authorities have not made fighting it a top priority.
31 июля 2013
Halving world hunger by 2015 'within reach': UN Despite economic crises and dwindling aid, the UN said Monday huge progress had been made towards meeting the so-called Millennium Development Goals.
01 июля 2013
World Bank chief faces challenges as he makes his mark In his first year as president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim has tried to refocus the institution on fighting poverty and climate change -- but challenges lie ahead.
30 июня 2013
©REUTERS Anti-poverty activists gather, but Syria dominates G8 talks Thousands of protesters are expected on the streets of Belfast to urge G8 leaders to act on global poverty, although the issue looks likely to be overshadowed by concerns over the Syria conflict.
16 июня 2013
World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Pascal Lamy. ©REUTERS Poorest WTO members win new patent-rule waiver The globe's poorest nations have won an eight-year extension of a waiver on intellectual property rules, but still need to hold talks on the vexed issue of pharmaceutical patents.
13 июня 2013
©REUTERS/Jon Nazca Spanish regions take steps to help needy children To help children plunged into poverty by Spain's grinding recession, several regional governments have stepped up aid programmes for needy students.
07 июня 2013
Leaders call on UN to set new zero poverty target The leaders of Britain, Indonesia and Liberia on Thursday called on the United Nations to set a target of 2030 to eradicate extreme poverty.
01 июня 2013
UN call to financial arms for new war on poverty Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent battling extreme poverty and disease since 2000 and now the United Nations is lining up a new war on the social distress still suffered by huge numbers around the world.
30 мая 2013

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