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Americo Amorim, Portugese businessman, the country's richest man.©Reuters/Nacho Doce Crisis what crisis? Portugal's richest get richer Portugal may be mired in a debt crisis, but its 25 richest people got 16 percent wealthier in 2013, with fortunes equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the country's GDP, rankings published Thursday showed.
29 ноября 2013
Many LatAm leaders absent as foundering summit opens in Panama Many Latin American leaders were no-shows at the opening of the 23rd Ibero-American summit in Panama, revealing the foundering direction of the annual forum.
19 октября 2013
Voters reject Portugal austerity policies in local elections Portugal's opposition Socialists inflicted a stinging defeat on the Social Democrats in local elections as voters displayed their frustrations at the government's austerity measures.
30 сентября 2013
Tourism, Portugal's cure for the crisis The famous number 28 tram, winding its way through the narrow streets of the Portuguese capital.
11 сентября 2013
Firefighters battle wild blazes in Portugal Firefighters battled wildfires on Friday in Portugal where they have claimed five lives and tamed another major blaze in northern Spain.
02 сентября 2013
Muay Thai: Two Kazakhstan fighters become European championsips Kazakhstan's fighters Vadim Loparev and Yelaman Sayasatov have won muay thai champion titles in Europe.
31 июля 2013
©REUTERS/US Marine Corps/Sgt. Eric D. Warren/Handout Time to train for world's first fleet of marine drones An odd underwater ballet has been unfolding in the Mediterranean port of Toulon these past few days.
27 июля 2013
Portugal 'should leave euro': best-selling economist A Portuguese economist, whose book "Why We Should Leave the Euro" has become a rapid best-seller, says it is only a matter of time until his crisis-wracked country leaves the troubled currency.
04 июня 2013
Brussels expected to up pressure for economic reform The European Commission is expected on Wednesday to increase the pressure on several countries, particularly France, to speed up structural reforms seen as the only reliable way to boost growth and job creation.
28 мая 2013
Photo by Danial Okassov© Spain and Portugal to help Kazakhstan prepare for EXPO-2017 Spain and Portugal will cooperate with Kazakhstan in preparation for the EXPO-2017.
16 мая 2013
Photo courtesy of Portugal to take two banks to court over swap deals Portugal said Friday it will take banking giants JP Morgan and Santander to court to make them renegotiate deals that have left state-run companies paying hefty interest rates.
28 апреля 2013
Euro ministers in bid to finalise Cyprus bailout Eurozone and EU finance ministers meet in Dublin from Friday to finalise the Cyprus bailout and consider extending debt repayment dates for Portugal and Ireland.
12 апреля 2013
With back against wall, Portugal pushes on with austerity Despite the risk of aggravating the recession and unemployment, Portugal's government is wagering that following the austerity prescribed by its creditors will help it regain market confidence and avoid a second bailout.
10 апреля 2013
Portugal PM announces severe spending cuts Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho called for severe cuts in public spending after a court rejected a number of austerity measures.
08 апреля 2013
©REUTERS Children born outside marriage in Europe rise to 40 percent of total The number of children born outside marriage in Europe has doubled over two decades to 40 percent, with Estonia, Slovenia and France registering almost three out of every five births out of wedlock.
27 марта 2013
Eurogroup approves Ireland, Portugal debt extension Eurozone finance ministers approved early Saturday plans to give bailed-out Ireland and Portugal more time to pay back some of their massive rescue loans.
18 марта 2013
Data confirms recession in weakest eurozone economies Data published on Monday confirmed recession in the eurozone's weakest economies last year, breathing new life into a heated debate on whether aggressive austerity measures may come at the cost of economic growth.
12 марта 2013
Portuguese footballer Manuel Curto. Photo courtesy of Football: Kazakhstan's Taraz FC signes up ex-champion of Europe Kazakhstan's Taraz Football Club has signed a one-year contract with Portuguese Manuel Curto.
31 января 2013
©REUTERS Alcohol causes a quarter of Europe road deaths Alcohol abuse is responsible for around a quarter of the 30,000 people who die in road accidents across the European Union every year.
16 декабря 2012
Darezhan Omirbayev's Student film frame.  Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan-made Student movie awarded in Portugal Student, directed by Darezhan Omirbayev, was awarded at the Portugal Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival.
28 ноября 2012

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