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08.08.2016 15:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Thousands of people took to the streets of a city in eastern China to protest against a possible Sino-French nuclear project.
25.06.2015 22:04 Industry, Infrastructure
The expansion of Kazakhstan's Aktau seaport to the north goes according to schedule.
28.02.2015 17:26 Industry, Infrastructure
A new regular container train Lianyungang-Almaty has been launched on February 25.
04.02.2014 09:53 Emergencies
South Korea's coastguard said Monday it would take at least two weeks to clean up the shoreline fouled by an oil spill off the southwestern port of Yeosu.
29.01.2014 10:16 Industry, Infrastructure
Cuba officially opened its new Mariel "megaport" on Monday, hoping the project will put it on the map as a regional shipping hub despite scant foreign investment and the US economic embargo.
23.01.2014 13:39 Industry, Infrastructure
According to Mr. Mamin, freights reloaded at Aktau port in 2013 totaled 10 million tons, 300 000 tons over the estimated target.
06.12.2013 14:41 Industry, Infrastructure
A Chinese tycoon who plans to dig a canal across Nicaragua has unveiled his latest project -- a $10 billion deal to build a deepwater port in Ukraine, giving him a foothold in Europe, state-run media said Friday.
03.12.2013 08:20 Markets
Aktau Caspian Sea port is the only water gates to international routes for Kazakhstan’s dry cargoes, crude and petroleum products.
18.10.2013 16:43 Markets
Shares in leading Malaysian ports operator Westports Holdings surged eight percent on their debut Friday, after raising more than $700 million in the country's largest initial public offering (IPO) this year.
23.05.2013 21:42 Industry, Infrastructure
The capacity of Aktau seaport in Kazakhstan is expected to reach 18 million tons of cargoes by 2020.
19.04.2013 10:59 Politics
Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and Arabic company DP World signed an agreement on cooperation in management of Aktau seaport and social economic zone Khorgos-Eastern Gates.
17.04.2013 15:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Setting up a terminal in the Pacific port of Lianyungang will allow Kazakhstan to develop its logistics industry.
12.01.2013 10:23 Environment
Hong Kong's name may mean "fragrant harbour", but cargo ships burning dirty fuel in what is one of the world's busiest ports add to a foul layer of pollution that kills more than 3,000 people a year.
26.12.2012 13:04 People
Steve Jobs' superyacht Venus was free to leave Amsterdam port Monday after the late Apple co-founder's estate paid a deposit to resolve a dispute with designer Philippe Starck, who had had the yacht impounded.
08.12.2012 15:51 Military
Two Iranian warships docked in Port Sudan on Saturday, a witness said, marking the second port call by the Iranian navy in Sudan in five weeks.
05.12.2012 18:41 Industry, Infrastructure
Negotiators have reached a tentative agreement to end a week-long strike crippling the key US ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
01.10.2012 18:57 Unrest
Kenyan helicopter gunships struck Shebab bases outside the Somali port of Kismayo to clear the way for a takeover of the town abandoned by the Al-Qaeda linked Islamist fighters.
22.09.2012 11:07 Politics
The US has lifted a ban that prevented New Zealand naval ships visiting US ports or bases since the 1980s, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday, hailing a "new era" in relations between the two nations.
20.06.2011 15:05 Kazakhstan
According to Ms. Altynai Ualieva, Director for the Company’s Astana Office, the raised funds [coupled with own funds and funds of the shareholders] could be used to finance purchasing of new vessels.