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Pacific terminal will generate logistics revenues for Kazakhstan 17 апреля 2013, 15:08

Setting up a terminal in the Pacific port of Lianyungang will allow Kazakhstan to develop its logistics industry.
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Lianyungang port. ©REUTERS/China Daily Lianyungang port. ©REUTERS/China Daily
Setting up a terminal in the Pacific port of Lianyungang will enable Kazakhstan to develop logistics and generate revenues, President of Kazakhstan Customs Brokers Association Gennadiy Shestakov told Tengrinews.kz. According to the expert, the terminal will provide Kazakhstan with an access to the Pacific region. However, according to Shestakov, one should not expect a sharp increase of import from Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other Pacific countries, as the project is primarily aimed at creating a logistics hub at the territory of the neighboring country. But Kazakhstan has good chances of benefiting from being a transit country between the Pacific region and Western Europe. The project may become part of Kazakhstan President’s initiative on development of non-energy sectors. “We are going to run out of oil one day. For example, in the Baltic states, in Poland, the budget is based on logistics. Receiving profits from constantly moving goods is a totally different way of making money compared to using mineral resources that will finish one day,” the expert said. “What is the way to receive profits? This is a commonly used service, and if the goods are not getting lost along the way and there is no administrative madness, the country would be considered a transit country. Most of the existing routes were rebuilt during the Soviet era; they bypassed the territory of the former USSR. Kazakhstan is currently trying to get entrepreneurs from third countries to trust it with transportation of their goods and we need history, tradition and practice for that. But right now we have none of these. We are no working of accumulating them for the future. The better and fast service we can offer, the more cargo flows will turn to us. And this is where the whole infrastructure will be making money from. In case of inland transportation, this will be, of course, rail and motor ways,” Shestakov said. Kazakhstan and China discussed construction of the terminal in Lianyungang port during Kazakhstan President’s visit to China. Back then Nazarbayev noted that the project will grand Kazakhstan an access to the Pacific region, cutting the distance 3.5 times compared to the current routes. By Dmitriy Khegai

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