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11.12.2013 10:01 Internet
Freshly leaked documents by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden on Monday revealed spies disguised as fantasy characters prowled online games hunting terrorists.
05.12.2013 11:19 Internet
Sexual orientation, private debt, medical records, even your favourite ice cream flavour: do you know much of this personal information is out there and available for sale?
21.10.2012 17:02 Sport
Ryan McDonagh will be the third NHL player to arrive to Astana since the beginning of the NHL lockout.
26.06.2012 19:40 Sport
Zhansaya Abdumalik fulfilled the requirements of the international grandmaster and improved her rating in two tournaments by 102 points.
24.03.2012 18:10 Sport
European football experts calculated the cost of legionnares in Kazakhstan.
25.12.2011 16:53 Sport
Russian tennis professional Kseniya Pervak will be capped for Kazakhstan next season.
12.12.2011 16:58 Sport
Kazakhstan football player Alexander Merkel from Italian Club Genoa was nominated for European Golden Boy-2011.
21.11.2011 10:49 People
Kazakhstan chess-player Zhansaya Abdumalik will take part in the chess tournament that will be held on November 17-27 in Brazil.
08.11.2011 17:33 Sport
Kazakhstan tennis player Michael Kukushkin has returned into the first hundred in the Association of Tennis Professional's list.
17.10.2011 18:07 Sport
Kazakhstan tennis professional Sesil Karatantcheva has got into the US ITF Troy semi-final.
19.09.2011 15:08 Sport
Kazakhstan tennis professional Mikhail Kukushkin has moved five lines up in Association of Tennis Professionals rating.
02.08.2011 14:27 Sport
Kazakhstan tennis professional Mikhail Kukushkin moved nine lines up in the Association of Tennis Professionals ranking and is now 60th.