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22.09.2015 13:54 Politics
Biotech stocks took a hit after Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton pledged to take action against runaway price increases on specialty drugs.
13.08.2014 14:40 Health
French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced the delivery of the first anti-malaria drugs to millions of patients in Africa.
19.07.2014 10:18 Companies
The US Justice Department announced that package-delivery giant FedEx has been indicted for allegedly facilitating the distribution of controlled substances and prescription drugs sold by illegal online pharmacies.
11.06.2014 14:11 Crime
Prosecutors on Wednesday arrested a former employee of the Japanese unit of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis for allegedly manipulating research data to exaggerate the benefits of a popular blood-pressure drug.
29.04.2014 10:47 Companies
German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer, maker of Aspirin, said on Monday it turned in a better first quarter performance than expected thanks to healthy growth driven by new products.
23.04.2014 00:31 Companies
British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and Swiss peer Novartis announced a major shake-up of their healthcare divisions on Tuesday in deals worth billions of dollars.
07.04.2014 14:29 Companies
Top Indian drug giant Sun Pharmaceutical Industries said Monday it had agreed to buy its troubled peer Ranbaxy for $4.0 billion in stock, ending its ill-fated six-year control by Japan's Daiichi Sankyo.
03.04.2014 14:57 Companies
Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis said Thursday it was replacing the top executives at its Japanese unit over allegations the division hid serious potential side effects of leukaemia treatments from regulators.
10.01.2014 18:26 Health
Japan's health ministry said Friday it was probing claims falsified data was used in an Alzheimer's disease study involving major pharmaceutical firms, a day after filing an unrelated criminal complaint against Swiss drugs giant Novartis.
01.12.2013 11:55 Companies
Japan's top drugmaker said Saturday it had picked a GlaxoSmithKline executive as its next president in a rare example of overseas head-hunting by a major Japanese firm.
08.10.2013 12:12 Health
British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said on Tuesday it hoped to get the green light for a prototype vaccine against malaria after trials showed it offered children a partial shield against the disease.
27.08.2013 12:21 Crime
Chinese state television put two foreign fraud investigators on display Tuesday as police announced they had been charged with illegally obtaining personal information.
31.07.2013 13:21 Companies
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has pleaded guilty to misbranding a drug that prevents the rejection of organ transplants and agreed to pay $490.9 million.
14.06.2013 15:28 Health
The pharmaceutical giant will invest in development of clinical test centers in Kazakhstan.
13.06.2013 12:25 Politics
The globe's poorest nations have won an eight-year extension of a waiver on intellectual property rules, but still need to hold talks on the vexed issue of pharmaceutical patents.
30.03.2013 13:06 Companies
UPS Friday agreed to forfeit $40 million and implement a compliance program after a Department of Justice probe found the company delivered drugs on behalf of illegal online pharmacies.
11.03.2013 15:24 Markets
The volume of Kazakhstan pharmaceutical market makes $1.2 billion; it has been maintaining an upward trend for several years already.
28.02.2013 11:45 Companies
US generic drugs specialist Mylan said Thursday it would buy a unit of India's pharma firm Strides Arcolab for $1.6 billion, boosting its presence in the high-growth injectable drugs market.
02.02.2013 18:46 Companies
Zoetis, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer's animal-health division, made a dramatic debut on Wall Street Friday as the biggest initial public offering since Facebook.
18.10.2012 10:08 Companies
Turkish company Abdi Ibrahim has purchased 60 percent in Kazakhstan’s Global Pharm.
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