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17.12.2014 14:24 Cinema, Music
A Hungarian singer from the Roma community is suing Beyonce over the smash hit "Drunk in Love," saying the superstar sampled a folk tune without permission.
08.08.2013 19:04 Crime
The owner of a python which is thought to have crushed two infants to death in a Canadian apartment did not have a permit to keep such an animal.
08.07.2013 11:20 Industry, Infrastructure
Japanese utilities on Monday asked regulators for permission to turn on 10 nuclear reactors, a move that could presage a widespread restart of atomic power more than two years after the Fukushima disaster.
03.04.2013 14:33 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan government approved the quotas for attraction of the foreign labor for the priority project on reconstruction and modernization of Atyrau oil refinery.
16.01.2013 17:21 People
The UN's refugee arm said Wednesday it had permission from Thailand to access some 850 people, many thought to be from Myanmar's Rohingya minority, held after raids on hidden camps in the Thai south.
15.01.2013 10:53 Laws, Initiatives
A law allowing Cubans to travel abroad without special permits took effect on the communist-ruled island Monday for the first time in half a century.
17.10.2012 19:12 Politics
Cubans will no longer need an exit permit to travel abroad from January, the communist regime said on Tuesday, in a major overhaul of a half-century-old policy despised by the island's citizens.
16.07.2012 19:16 Unrest
Global banking giant HSBC on Monday sought legal permission to evict a handful of protesters camped outside its Hong Kong headquarters, one of the last remnants of the "Occupy" movement in Asia.
07.07.2012 16:06 Laws, Initiatives
The South American country of Guyana said Friday it had suspended the granting of new permits to mine for gold and diamonds in rivers because of concerns over widespread pollution.
25.06.2012 11:34 Laws, Initiatives
80 permitting documents and 60 percent of socially important services are to be switched to the electronic format by the end of the year: Minister.
06.06.2012 21:39 Companies
Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications has issued a temporary permit to Ukrainian International Airlines for Kiev-Almaty-Kiev flights.