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Photo courtesy of Twins parade in Pavlodar International Day for Protection of Children was celebrated by a twins parade in Kazakhstan's Pavlodar.
03 июня 2013
Pavlodar oil refinery. © Pavlodar refinery lowers oil processing target for 2013 Pavlodar oil chemical plant has lowered its oil processing target plan for 2013 from 5.2 million tons to 4.8 million tons.
03 июня 2013
Tatyana Khomutova supported the retirement reform by skydiving. Photo by Rizabek Issabekov© 57-y.o. Pavlodar citizen skydives to support retirement reform 57-y.o. woman went skydiving in Pavlodar to support the retirement reform in Kazakhstan.
25 апреля 2013
Pavlodar oil refinery. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to complete modernization of two refineries in 2016 Modernization of Shymkent and Pavlodar oil refineries will be completed by 2016.
22 апреля 2013 stock photo Thousands of pigs and piglets killed in farm fire in Pavlodar oblast An electric equipment failure must have cause the fire in the pig-breeding complex in Pavlodar oblast.
05 апреля 2013
The knights compete in the Battlefield tournament-2012 in Pavlodar. Photo by Vladimir Bugayev© Kazakhstan knights to take part in international tournament in France first time Kazakhstan team will take part in the Battle of the Nations historical medieval battle in France for the first time.
01 апреля 2013
Photo by Anastassiya CHATALBASH© Arabs eager to buy natural meat from Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia is planning to implement the project to support Pavlodar cattle breeding farms and start procuring the high-quality meat.
01 апреля 2013
Photo courtesy of press-service of Pavlodar oblast Emergency Situations Department© Villages treatened by flood in Pavlodar oblast Several villages are under threat of flood because of snow melting in Pavlodar oblast.
22 марта 2013
Pavlodar oil refinery. Photo courtesy of the company's official website Kazakhstan Parliament adopts agreement on Russian oil supplies to Pavlodar refinery Pavlodar refinery in Kazakhstan will be getting guaranteed oil supplies from Russia.
13 марта 2013
Finalists of Miss Kazakhstan-2012. Photo by Danial Okassov© Kostanay tagged most feminine city of Kazakhstan Women make 55.2 percent of the population in Kostanay.
11 марта 2013
Pavlodar oil refinery. ©RIA Novosti One ton of industrial wastes per resident in Pavlodar oblast Last year pollutant discharge from the regional industrial companies in Pavlodar oblast of Kazakhstan made 675 thousand tons.
05 марта 2013
40 000 drug addicts are registered in Kazakhstan at present. ©RIA Novosti Average age of Kazkahstan drug addicts is 20 There are 40 000 registered drug addicts in Kazakhstan at present.
28 февраля 2013
Journalist from Kazakhstan's Pavlodar sends letter to Obama Fyodor Koalyov has called Barack Obama to stop American investor AES from infringing upon the interests of Kazakhstan citizens and return spring overflow of the Irtysh River.
07 февраля 2013
Chairman of Kazakhstan Senate Kairat Mami. Photo by Danial Okassov© Mami disagrees with police arresting Pavlodar citizen for showing middle finger Chairman of Kazakhstan Senate does not agree with the actions of the police officers who arrested a man for making an obscene gesture in the direction of his escort.
04 февраля 2013
©RIA Novosti 14-y.o. patient raped in Ekibastuz hospital Criminal police officers apprehended a 26-y.o. unemployed citizen, previously unconvicted, who raped the 14-y.o. school gird in the pediatric department of Ekibastuz city hospital.
01 февраля 2013
Ethnovillage in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Photo courtesy of Ethno villages to spring around Astana city Ethnic villages will be built in the residential areas adjusted to Astana city within the radius of 30-50 kilometers before the EXPO-2017.
01 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry© Over 80 thousand residents may be flooded in Pavlodar oblast Kazakhstan's Pavlodar oblast has 75 villages in the lowlands that may be largely flooded after snow melting and heavy rains.
01 февраля 2013
Shymkent oil refinery. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Prime-Minister will control modernization of oil refineries There is a need to provide our market with our own oil products that comply with new ecological standards: Serik Akhmetov.
28 января 2013
©REUTERS First coronary artery bypass surgery made in Pavlodar The surgery was made in Pavlodar's new cardio-surgery center.
21 января 2013
©RIA Novosti Pavlodar plant was storing over 6 tons of radioactive wastes The hazardous wastes were discovered during a routine check by Pavlodar oblast state sanitary control department at the territory of Casting JSC.
18 января 2013

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