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Photo © Well preserved mammoth tusks discovered near Karaganda Workers of a mining company have discovered mammoth tusks in Karaganda Oblast.
10 декабря 2014
In Argentina, dinosaur hunters embark on next phase A few months ago, Argentine scientists found the remains of a giant dinosaur. Now they look forward to digging up hundreds more fossils, but what they really want is the big one's head.
05 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Fossils of 'largest' dinosaur found in Argentina Paleontologists in Argentina's remote Patagonia region have discovered fossils of what may be the largest dinosaur ever, amid a vast cache of fossils that could shed light on prehistoric life.
19 мая 2014
Eocasea martini. Photo courtesy of Paleontologists discover land herbivores' earliest ancestor Paleontologists unearthed the oldest ancestor of land-dwelling herbivores with the discovery of a 300-million-year-old skeleton, shedding light onto plant eaters' emergence on land, a study said.
18 апреля 2014
First Malaysian dinosaur fossil found: researchers A Malaysian university unveiled on Wednesday what researchers called the first dinosaur fossil ever found in the country -- the tooth of a fish-eating predator estimated to be at least 75 million years old.
19 февраля 2014
©REUTERS/Eric Thayer Plant-eating dinos regrew teeth every 1-2 months: study Long-necked plant-grazing dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 150 million years ago evolved a nifty way of fixing broken teeth.
18 июля 2013
©REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian Weird fossil sheds light on dinosaurs' lost continent Palaeontologists in Utah on Wednesday said they had found the fossil of a strange horned dinosaur which roamed an island continent known as Laramidia.
18 июля 2013
Broken tooth in dino tail 'proves' T. rex was predator A broken T. rex tooth found in another dinosaur's tail bone offers the first hard evidence that the king of all meat-eating beasts hunted live prey.
17 июля 2013
©REUTERS Study reveals ancient fossil fish had abs Palaeontologists have made the surprising evolutionary discovery that ancient Australian fish may have had abdominal muscles, previously thought to have only developed in land animals.
15 июня 2013
Lizard King: Giant reptile named after Jim Morrison A giant lizard that lived 40 million years ago at a time when Earth was a hothouse has been named in honour of rock singer Jim Morrison.
05 июня 2013
©REUTERS Father of flying fish found in China: palaeontologists Palaeontologists in China said Wednesday they had found the world's oldest flying fish, a strange, snub-nosed creature that glided over water in a bid to evade predators some 240 million years ago.
31 октября 2012
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