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Artist in southern Kazakhstan draws healing paintings 24 октября 2014, 12:53

An artist from Kazakhstan’s Shymkent Bakhytbek Talkambayev claims that his paintings can heal.
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A fragment of Bakhytbek Talkambayev's work. Photo by Marina Nizovkina A fragment of Bakhytbek Talkambayev's work. Photo by Marina Nizovkina

An artist from Kazakhstan’s Shymkent Bakhytbek Talkambayev claims that his paintings can heal, Tengrinews reports.

His canvases look pretty unusual. These intricate designs are astonishing at first glance. The technique and the images do not resemble any art style. All paintings seem to be somewhat cosmic. "You are not far from the truth,” Bakhytbek Talkambayev said, “The philosophy is that when human hands work, our palms open a way into the Galaxy and come in contact with God. When I am painting, I paint what God shows me.”

An extraordinary energy comes from these paintings, the artist said. Visitors of the exhibition should feel it. “People with pure souls will feel warmth, while bad people will be frightened. Actually, every person may get rid of his or her evil. To do that, one should take a brush and believe. Faith is rooted deep in the soul,” Bakhytbek Talkambayev said.

Bakhytbek Talkambayev realized that his mission was to treat people back in 1968. He read the Quran that revealed its mysterious meaning to him. However, he does not consider himself a physician or a healer, because his art therapy teaches people to help themselves. "Art therapy will not cure a person from any specific diseases. But it helps discover new knowledge and guides to the right path. Thereafter, the man himself will get better," the artist said.

People from different cities of Kazakhstan are coming to Bakhytbek for advice and inspiration of faith. Many become his disciples. For instance, Bakhytbek literally saved the life of Yerlan, a 17-year-old college student who was on the verge of committing a suicide because of the problems he had at home and with his peers.

Bow Yerlan also draws paintings that once helped him using the technique of his teacher. He also explains to his younger friends where the love for drawing begins.

Bakhytbek Talkambayev gets his inspiration from nature. He said that mountains, sky and grass brought him closer to God, and river water helped him get rid of his weariness and accumulated negative energy, so swimming in the icy mountain river was just as important for hims as breathing in the air.

All the paintings of the Shymkent artist have some relationship with the cosmos. His favorite circle appears in every canvas as a symbol of eternity and unity of consciousness and feelings. Each painting has its own mission, its own energy, the artist said. The paintings are designed to purify the space surrounding the person. It changes energy and helps people live their lives better.

Businessmen, professors and officials often buy these bright paintings. Bakhytbek can also draw a picture for a specific person. Moreover, he can also teach anyone to heal themselves through drawing. To do this, one needs pretty little - a notebook and gel pens. Gel pens are used, because the word ‘gel’ is also associated with the cosmic energy, according to the painter. Art therapy has its little nuances and the artist is willing to tell anyone about them.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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