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16.05.2016 15:29 Emergencies
A woman in the US state of Florida was rushed to a hospital after being bitten by a shark -- with the animal still clutching on to her arm.
06.10.2015 14:35 Politics
The United States and its former Cold War foe Cuba are discussing a joint maritime reserve in waters between their countries.
03.07.2014 11:40 Science, Technologies
Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of legendary French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, emerged from the deep Wednesday after 31 days in an undersea lab off the Florida Keys.
06.06.2014 10:53 Environment
By absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere, the seas avert climate damage worth up to $222 billion (163 billion euros) every year, according to an estimate released.
15.04.2014 10:53 Environment
Fish are losing their survival instinct -- even becoming attracted to the smell of their predators -- as the world's oceans become more acidic because of climate change, new research.
26.02.2014 14:26 Environment
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned royalty, corporate kings and environmental warriors that governments won't save the seas without "significant impetus" from every sphere of society.
26.12.2013 17:04 Science, Technologies
Three icebreaking ships were Thursday hurrying to reach a Russian vessel carrying 74 people on a scientific expedition which is trapped by ice off Antarctica, with Australian authorities coordinating the rescue mission.
19.11.2013 13:35 Environment
Investment fund Aqua-Spark is setting course to make money while promoting healthier oceans and feeding the world.
26.08.2013 16:44 Environment
Oceans that grow more acidic through Man's fossil fuel burning emissions, can amplify global warming by releasing less of a gas that helps shield Earth from radiation.
27.07.2013 12:15 Science, Technologies
An odd underwater ballet has been unfolding in the Mediterranean port of Toulon these past few days.
04.02.2013 10:42 Science, Technologies
An exhausted British-Australian expedition recreating Ernest Shackleton's 1916 crossing of the Southern Ocean in a small boat made landfall Monday after a perilous 12-day journey.
16.11.2012 14:13 Environment
Australia Friday created the world's largest network of marine reserves, protecting a huge swathe of ocean environment despite claims it will devastate the fishing industry.
20.09.2012 11:38 Environment
Scientists in California have shed light on a marine mystery: how diving mammals can hunt for food at great depths without getting the "bends".
19.08.2012 15:39 People
Quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon swam between islands in the icy Bering Strait Friday to cross from America to Asia in the final part of a quest to link all continents.
15.08.2012 12:37 People
Two silhouettes cut through the water a few hundred yards (metres) from a rainy, windswept beach bordering the flat grasslands near the small Inuit community of Wales, in the far west of Alaska.