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13.11.2015 14:49 Health
Obesity in Kazakhstan is becoming a serious issue. Nutritionists and scientists urge Kazakhstanis to reconsider their nutrition philosophies
12.06.2014 16:40 Health
Production of infant food from mare’s milk will start in Akmola Oblast in the nearest future.
28.05.2014 13:10 Politics
First lady Michelle Obama made a rare but strident foray into political debate Tuesday, slamming a Republican bid to change US school nutrition standards as "unacceptable."
17.12.2013 17:38 Politics
Lawmaker Svetlana Dzhalmagambetova believes that the effective minimum food basket will starve Kazakhstanis to death.
24.10.2011 10:53 Science, Technologies
The institute released the project of sweet potato in Uganda and Mozambique. And now IFPRI is focused on Zambia and Southern Asian countries.