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29.08.2016 14:43 Sport
In a melee of hooves and hands, a scrum of horseriders on the plains of Central Asia wrestle to get control of the ball.
30.07.2015 18:26 Science, Technologies
According to Doctor of Historical Sciences Kanat Uskenbai, today Kazakhstan occupies the large territory thanks to its ancestors, who were nomads.
08.12.2014 12:56 People
The UNESCO has included the art of Kazakh dombra kuy and traditional knowledge and skills in Kazakh and Kyrgyz yurt into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
25.11.2014 14:48 People
A teenager from a remote Kazakh village has survived four days in the steppe with no food or water. He spent the days on horseback, just like the nomads of the times long past.
29.09.2014 17:42 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan is stepping up its efforts to preserve the nearly extinct tazy dog breed.
22.09.2014 16:59 Entertainment, Style
World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan gave thousands of visitors a taste of real nomadic spirit of competition.
10.09.2014 14:32 Science, Technologies
The most significant archaeological find in Kazakhstan has finally been presented to the anxiously waiting public.
18.08.2014 17:10 Science, Technologies
Western Kazakhstani archaeologists finally displayed the exclusive artifacts found in the ancient noble woman burial site discovered in 2012 and presented the reconstructed garment of the Golden Woman.
01.12.2013 20:30 Markets
Production of Talkan - a Kazakh national dish made from sprouted wheat - has been launched in Kazakhstan for the first time ever.
01.11.2012 15:50 Strange News
American company Rainier sells premium class yurts in the United States.
16.11.2011 11:25 Strange News
A new hotel, a peculiar collection of yurta homes, was built in the south of Norway.
05.07.2011 12:22 Entertainment, Style
Nomad civilization festival called Millenniums around Astana will be held in Kazakhstan capital on July 3-6.
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