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29.04.2014 13:05 People
A newborn girl has been found in a garbage bin wrapped in a plastic bag in Astana.
26.07.2013 17:34 People
Britain's Prince Harry on Thursday promised to use his expertise to make sure his new nephew George "has fun".
25.07.2013 17:18 Politics
Australia's tropical Northern Territory presented an unusual gift to Britain's new royal baby, Prince George, a crocodile.
01.06.2013 14:03 People
Germany's "baby hatches", where women can safely leave their unwanted newborn, have come under fire as the government pushes a new law to guarantee a child the right to eventually know its mother's identity.
31.05.2013 16:12 Emergencies
A mother whose newborn baby was rescued from a toilet pipe in China is in hospital after nearing "mental collapse" while the alleged father has requested a DNA test.
28.05.2013 12:33 People
A newborn baby boy was rescued from a sewage pipe in a Chinese apartment building after being flushed down a toilet.
06.02.2013 15:07 Crime
Nurses of Shymkent perinatal center No.1 in south Kazakhstan are suspected of an attempt to sell a newborn.
17.01.2013 10:22 People
Taiwan said Wednesday that the number of newborns reached a nine-year high of 234,599 last year during the auspicious Year of the Dragon.
21.02.2012 12:04 Health
Almost 1300 children underwent cardiac surgeries in 2011 in Kazakhstan.