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Newborn baby girl found in garbage in Astana 29 апреля 2014, 13:05

A newborn girl has been found in a garbage bin wrapped in a plastic bag in Astana.
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Photo ©tengrinews.kz Photo ©tengrinews.kz

A newborn girl has been found in a garbage bin wrapped in a plastic bag in Astana, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Department of the Interior (DIA).

A young married couple was their way home from a party at 4 a.m. on April 10th . As they decided to take a shortcut and were passing garbage bins when they heard a baby crying somewhere in the dark.

“They heard a baby’s cry coming from the garbage bins and when they approached the bins they saw a newborn girl wrapped in a kitchen towel and a plastic bag. The paramedics that arrived shortly after give first aid and took the baby to the hospital. The baby girl was born 2-3 hours before she was found,” the Astana DIA press office reported.

Dr. Assel Shaimerdinova from the Astana Municipal Children's Hospital №1 said that the baby girl still had her placenta and umbilical cord when she was found. “Considering that the baby was born 2-3 hours before she was found and was suffering from hypothermia, we put her into an intensive care unit. The baby girl was warmed up there and fed,” Dr. Shaimerdinova added.

The police were able to identify the woman who gave birth to the baby girl. A 16 y.o, Atyrau Oblast native was arrested for leaving her baby unattended. The young mother is a studnet of one of the colleges in Astana. A criminal case was opened under the article 119 part 1 “Failure to give assistance to persons in mortal danger”. The teenager might face 3 month of imprisonment along with 180 hours of public works if she is found guilty.

The baby girl is feeling much better thanks to the doctors of the Children’s Hospital and the couple that saved her. She will be staying for a month at the hospital waiting for all the document for her transfer to an orphanage to be prepared.

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