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05.10.2015 16:33 Politics
The second round of Syrian talks that kicked off in Kazakhstan's capital Astana on October 2 has ended with a joint declaration.
26.08.2015 20:50 Military
Kazakhstan and Belarus along with other CIS countries have expressed interested in purchasing Russian air drone Eleron.
02.06.2015 17:12 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister has spoken about the Syrian talks held last week in Astana. The talks ended with signing of a joint declaration.
31.05.2015 00:58 Politics
Syrian opposition groups have signed a joint document after Syrian talks in Astana.
25.05.2015 19:20 Politics
Syrian talks have kicked off in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.
08.05.2015 22:01 Politics
China's General Secretary Xi Jinping visits Kazakhstan to negotiate issues of vital importance for bilateral cooperation.
12.04.2015 16:42 Politics
The Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Belarus has declares Kazakhstan's readiness to host a contact group meeting to resolve the situation in Donbass.
07.04.2015 10:39 Politics
Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry has released a statement regarding the agreement on Iran’s nuclear activities between Iran and P5+1 achieved in the course of the negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland.
14.02.2015 22:31 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has had a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the outcomes of Norman Talks in Minsk, Belarus.
13.02.2015 14:43 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement following the results of the Normand Talks in Minsk, Belarus.
13.02.2015 14:21 Politics
Kazakh political analyst Yerlan Karin speaks about the deal reached at the Ukraine crisis talks in Minsk.
13.02.2015 14:15 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko have discussed the Normand Talk between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France in Minsk on the phone.
14.01.2015 13:08 Politics
The meeting in Astana in Norman format (with the participation of leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France) to resolve the situation in Ukraine is at the stage of preparations.
12.01.2015 19:54 Politics
Is the meeting of the Norman Quartet to take place in Kazakhstan's capital on January 15? Russian Vedomosti says there might be a problem.
10.01.2015 13:42 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have discussed settlement of the Ukrainian crisis in the context of the possible meeting between the Heads of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France in Astana.
08.01.2015 14:45 Politics
Kazakh political analyst Yerlan Karin says Astana is the most suitable venue to hold talks relating to the situation in Ukraine.
01.01.2015 11:46 Politics
Kazakhstan is ready to hold negotiations on Ukrainian crisis on January 15-16 or any other time convenient for the parties involved.
26.09.2014 11:24 Politics
An analysis of Twitter messages from the Arab-speaking world reveals strong anti-American sentiment.
28.08.2014 12:02 Politics
Kazakhstani political expert believes the talks in Minsk have advanced the negotiations on Ukraine to a new level and the next round of talks may be held in Kazakhstan.
25.08.2014 20:43 Politics
Kazakhstan is taking part in the talks in Minsk on August 26. These will address the ongoing crisis in Ukraine among others. Poroshenko is to meet with Putin, Lukashenko and Nazarbayev, as well as with EU reps.
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