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Barack Obama. © RIA Novosti Obama salutes end of NATO combat mission in Afghanistan US President Barack Obama saluted the "milestone" end of NATO's combat mission in Afghanistan, but warned the country remains "a dangerous place."
29 декабря 2014
Photo courtesy of NATO to hold ceremony Sunday marking end of its Afghan war NATO will hold a ceremony in Kabul later formally ending its war in Afghanistan, officials said, after 13 years of conflict.
28 декабря 2014
©Reuters New Russian military doctrine labels NATO as main threat The Kremlin branded the expansion of NATO as a fundamental threat to Russia in a revised military doctrine that dramatically reflects deteriorating relations with the West.
27 декабря 2014
Obama praises US troops as Afghanistan mission winds down President Barack Obama in a Christmas Day speech to US troops stationed in Hawaii hailed their "extraordinary dedication and sacrifices."
26 декабря 2014
Outraging Russia, Ukraine takes big step toward NATO Ukraine took a historic step toward NATO in a parliamentary vote that stoked Russia's anger ahead of talks on ending the ex-Soviet state's separatist war.
24 декабря 2014
Challenging Russia, Ukraine moves to drop neutral status Ukraine's president openly challenged the Kremlin by submitting a bill allowing the former Soviet republic to join NATO and make the Western alliance its defender.
19 декабря 2014
Danger in the skies as Russia, NATO play cat-and-mouse Recent close shaves between Russian fighters and civilian aircraft highlight the dangers of the cat-and-mouse game being played out between Moscow and the West.
18 декабря 2014
NATO ministers boost support for Ukraine NATO foreign ministers approved fresh support for Ukraine and condemned Russia for backing pro-Moscow rebels.
03 декабря 2014
Russia's deputy foreign minister Alexei Meshkov. ©RIA Novosti Moscow accuses NATO of 'destabilising' northern Europe Russia lashed out at NATO, saying its military drills in the Baltics could destroy northern Europe's stability.
02 декабря 2014
Russian warships in English Channel due to 'bad weather' French authorities and NATO confirmed the presence of four Russian warships in the English Channel.
29 ноября 2014
NATO warns over Russian military build-up in Crimea NATO's top military commander said he was "very concerned" that Russia's military build-up in the annexed Crimean region could be used as a launchpad for attacks.
27 ноября 2014
Ukraine coalition agrees to make NATO membership a priority Ukraine's pro-Western political parties agreed to make joining NATO a priority in a coalition deal that will give them a parliamentary majority.
22 ноября 2014
NATO says Russian troops in Ukraine amid fears of all-out war NATO accused Russia of sending tanks, troops to east Ukraine, raising fears of renewed all-out fighting and calling into question the Minsk peace deal.
13 ноября 2014
Poland's Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak.  ©REUTERS Poland to buy short-range missiles amid tensions with Russia NATO member Poland invited manufacturers of short-range surface-to-air missiles for technical talks for a planned military revamp amid heightened tensions with Russia.
04 ноября 2014
Russian warplanes send 'great power' message: NATO Russia's recent military flights into European airspace are meant to demonstrate to the West that the country is a "great power".
04 ноября 2014
NATO reports more Russian flights, intercepts NATO reported more Russian military flights and interceptsover the Baltics, North Sea and Atlantic, just days after it picked up "an unusual level" of activity over European airspace.
01 ноября 2014
NATO reports 'large scale' Russian air activity in European airspace NATO said it had tracked and intercepted four groups of Russian warplanes "conducting significant military manoeuvres" in European airspace over the past two days.
30 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Mysterious airplane parts delivered to Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan Disassembled airplanes of unclear origin have been delivered to the Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan.
29 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of NATO waging 'war of extermination' against Russia: Castro Cuba's former president Fidel Castro on Wednesday accused NATO of planning a "war of extermination" against Russia.
09 октября 2014
NATO reviews ties with Russia as new truce reached in Ukraine NATO's top military commanders are meeting in Lithuania to discuss relations with Russia.
20 сентября 2014

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