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General Philip Breedlove. ©REUTERS US names Breedlove as new NATO commander The United States on Thursday nominated General Philip Breedlove, a veteran pilot in Europe, as the top commander of NATO a month after Afghan war supremo John Allen stepped aside.
29 марта 2013
Kazakhstan Defense Minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov. ©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan interested in expanding cooperation with NATO Kazakhstan Defense Minister met with NATO Secretary General's Special Representative and new NATO officer on interaction with Central Asia.
28 марта 2013
Afghan leader orders US special forces out of province Afghanistan's president has ordered US special forces out of a strategic province over allegations of torture and murder by Afghans working with them.
25 февраля 2013
NATO to bid farewell to Panetta, seeks new military chief US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta will get a fond farewell from his NATO colleagues at a two-day meeting beginning Thursday.
21 февраля 2013
Obama: US to speed up Afghan troop transition President Barack Obama on Friday said NATO troops would speed up a transfer of lead security responsibility to Afghan forces this spring, in a sign the pace of US troop withdrawals could quicken.
13 января 2013
©REUTERS France to take in Afghans in danger for working with troops France will take in Afghans whose security is at risk after having worked with its troops in the war-ravaged country, joining other Western nations facing a similar quandary.
29 декабря 2012
©REUTERS Afghan policewoman shoots dead foreign adviser A female Afghan police officer on Monday shot dead a foreign civilian adviser in Kabul police headquarters, officials said, in the first "insider" attack to be carried out by a woman.
24 декабря 2012
©REUTERS US aims to keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan: report The administration of President Barack Obama aims to keep around 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan after formal combat operations in that country end in 2014.
27 ноября 2012
Clinton to push Bosnia for reforms at start of Balkans tour US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton begins a five-nation Balkans tour on Tuesday, seeking to push regional leaders to stick to existing agreements and enact the reforms needed to join the EU and NATO.
31 октября 2012
Afghan president warns on immunity for foreign troops Afghan President Hamid Karzai has warned of possible problems ahead over the sensitive issue of immunity from prosecution for any American or NATO soldiers deployed in the country after 2014.
19 октября 2012
Afghan government could collapse, new report says The Afghan government could fall apart after NATO troops pull out in 2014, particularly if presidential elections that year are fraudulent.
08 октября 2012
U.S. President Barack Obama (R) shakes hands with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai. ©REUTERS/Larry Downing US rejects calls to slow Afghan withdrawals US President Barack Obama on Wednesday held a video conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai focusing partly on an unprecedented wave of attacks on NATO troops by their local comrades.
21 сентября 2012
NATO restricts joint operations with Afghans: officials NATO-led forces are scaling back joint operations with Afghan forces after a spate of "insider attacks" in which Afghan recruits turned their weapons on Western allies.
19 сентября 2012
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. ©REUTERS Kazakhstan is calling Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security organizations to interact Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev is advocating a platform for Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security cooperation.
18 сентября 2012
US to transfer Bagram prison to Afghans The US is to hand formal control of a controversial prison to the Afghan government on Monday, despite apparent disagreements between the two sides on the fate of hundreds of inmates.
10 сентября 2012
    Chairman of NATO Parliamentary Assembly Karl Lamers. Photo courtesy of NATO hopes for economic integration of Afghanistan with Central Asia by 2014 Chairman of NATO Parliamentary Assembly Karl Lamers exchanged his opinion after the meeting with Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Kazykhanov.
09 сентября 2012
Meeting of 
    Kazakhstan Senate speaker Kairat Mami and chairman of NATO Parliamentary Assembly Karl Lamers. Photo courtesy of Mami discussed Central Asian security with NATO Parliamentary Assembly chairman Kazakhstan Senate speaker Kairat Mami has had talks with chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Karl Lamers.
04 сентября 2012
Australia says Karzai 'wrong' on Afghan operation Australia Monday flatly rejected comments from Afghan President Hamid Karzai that a recent night-time raid which left two men dead was carried out without the approval of local authorities.
03 сентября 2012
US suspends Afghan police recruit training US special forces in Afghanistan have suspended training for about 1,000 Afghan police recruits to vet existing members, the military said Sunday, after a surge in insider attacks on NATO.
03 сентября 2012
©REUTERS/Omar Sobhani 17 beheaded in bloody day across Afghanistan Seventeen civilians were beheaded, 10 Afghan soldiers killed and two NATO troops shot dead in a new insider attack in a bloody few hours across Afghanistan.
28 августа 2012

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