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17.07.2015 12:18 Art, Books
Staff at the Prado, Spain's top art museum, usually prevent visitors from touching its priceless treasures.
23.05.2015 11:06 Entertainment, Style
Russia opened the doors of a new museum dedicated to Nobel Prize-winning dissident poet Joseph Brodsky in the communal flat where he spent his youth.
01.04.2015 15:45 Entertainment, Style
Huge black and gold sarcophaguses with kohl-rimmed eyes dwarf visitors at Turin's palatial Egyptian museum, which is reopening to the public.
26.03.2015 15:34 Entertainment, Style
Workers at Syria's National Museum of Damascus carefully wrap statues and place them in boxes to be transported to a safe place.
25.03.2015 16:48 Art, Books
A major exhibition on the human body in ancient Greek art is to open at the British Museum from Thursday, exploring notions of ideal beauty.
20.03.2015 13:26 Entertainment, Style
"Mad Men" captured the style and drive of New York's finest 1960s ad men, enthralling viewers with tales of their creative genius and tortured infidelities.
07.01.2015 13:10 Art, Books
The famous Louvre in France received 9.3 million visitors last year, retaining its title as the most-visited museum in the world.
22.12.2014 13:49 Art, Books
Locals in Bilbao say an art museum helped save their Spanish city from decline. Now they are glad to know their saviour, the Guggenheim, will be staying for some time.
04.12.2014 16:05 Entertainment, Style
A rare dinosaur skeleton goes on display at London's Natural History museum -- the first to be exhibited there in a century.
14.11.2014 13:38 Entertainment, Style
The Smithsonian Institution announced a major overhaul of its museums along the south side of the National Mall in Washington.
08.11.2014 13:27 Politics
Belgium's King Philippe visited the Jewish Museum in Brussels in a show of support for the Jewish community and the relatives of four people killed in a gun attack there in May.
25.10.2014 14:04 Entertainment, Style
A millennium of Jewish history in Poland was obliterated by Nazi Germany in the Holocaust. Now, a new Warsaw museum is celebrating a lost Jewish community that was the world's largest and most vibrant.
21.10.2014 14:13 Art, Books
Emerging from the woods at the edge of Paris like a glass ship, the hyper-modern Louis Vuitton art museum was inaugurated on Monday.
17.10.2014 16:23 Art, Books
Sherlock Holmes never existed but his fictional address of 221B Baker Street still receives a steady flow of letters addressed to the famously intuitive detective.
27.09.2014 02:41 Art, Books
An Israeli artist based in London Zadok Ben-David has introduced his unique exhibition The Other Side of Midnight at the National Museum in Astana.
10.09.2014 14:32 Science, Technologies
The most significant archaeological find in Kazakhstan has finally been presented to the anxiously waiting public.
01.09.2014 12:36 Industry, Infrastructure
38 facilities will be built for the upcoming EXPO-2017 international exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan.
15.08.2014 12:03 Politics
No commemoration for the millions of victims of Mao Zedong's mayhem was held on the anniversary of its start.
24.06.2014 04:16 Art, Books
A row between Tokyo and Taipei over the loan of a host of treasured artefacts to Japan has been solved, Taiwanese officials said, with the exhibition set to open on schedule.
23.05.2014 09:57 Art, Books
A Chinese museum has been ordered to close after thousands of its historical exhibits were found to be fake, state-run media said on Thursday.
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