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19.02.2015 12:17 Finance
The Central Bank emphasized the measure didn’t imply writing off debts and is targeted at making the mortgage conditions more affordable.
22.01.2015 13:51 People
An American couple Grace Brogan and John Kamman are living in a yurt that they bought for $5000.
24.12.2014 21:12 Finance
Several Kazakhstan’s banks have ceased issuing mortgage loans in tenge.
22.07.2014 17:02 Finance
According to the Central Bank Governor, about 15% of those taking mortgages are insolvent.
06.05.2014 13:53 Finance
Experts forecast a revival in the stagnated mortgage lending in Kazakhstan. In the most optimistic scenario it will start in end of 2014.
28.03.2012 13:43 Finance
Kazakhstan citizen Timur Davletov has applied to Prime-Minister Karim Massimov with a suggestion to make Islamic mortgage available Kazakhstan.
15.02.2012 17:58 Markets
Every fifth Kazakhstan citizen is confident that nepotism is a key to obtaining mortgage loans in banks or another financial organizations.
11.08.2011 12:47 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is a market economy, so any attempts on the part of the government to bridle growing prices for housing or mortgage rates are inadmissible: National Bank.
02.08.2011 13:18 Kazakhstan
According to the National Bank, 47% of the country’s banks saw intensified demand for mortgages.
30.05.2011 16:03 Finance
Mortgage agency Penny Lane Realty made a rating of mortgage availability in different countries.