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Kazakh central bank to allocate $698 million to support mortgage programs The Central Bank emphasized the measure didn’t imply writing off debts and is targeted at making the mortgage conditions more affordable.
19 февраля 2015
John Kamman and  Grace Brogan. Photo © MPR News American couple living in yurt An American couple Grace Brogan and John Kamman are living in a yurt that they bought for $5000.
22 января 2015
Illustration © Several Kazakh banks cease issuing mortgage loans in tenge Several Kazakhstan’s banks have ceased issuing mortgage loans in tenge.
24 декабря 2014
Central Bank Governor on prices for real estate at the threshold of EXPO-2017 According to the Central Bank Governor, about 15% of those taking mortgages are insolvent.
22 июля 2014
© Experts forecast mortgage lending revival in Kazakhstan Experts forecast a revival in the stagnated mortgage lending in Kazakhstan. In the most optimistic scenario it will start in end of 2014.
06 мая 2014
Islamic bank. ©REUTERS/Majed Jaber Islamic mortgage suggested to Massimov Kazakhstan citizen Timur Davletov has applied to Prime-Minister Karim Massimov with a suggestion to make Islamic mortgage available Kazakhstan.
28 марта 2012 stock photo Every fifth Kazakhstan citizen seeks nepotism to register mortgage loan Every fifth Kazakhstan citizen is confident that nepotism is a key to obtaining mortgage loans in banks or another financial organizations.
15 февраля 2012
Photo courtesy of Government won’t be restricting prices for housing and growing mortgage rates Kazakhstan is a market economy, so any attempts on the part of the government to bridle growing prices for housing or mortgage rates are inadmissible: National Bank.
11 августа 2011
National Bank. ©Vladimir Dmitryev Kazakhstan’s banks see growing demand for consumer loans According to the National Bank, 47% of the country’s banks saw intensified demand for mortgages.
02 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan citizens pay 260% on mortgages Mortgage agency Penny Lane Realty made a rating of mortgage availability in different countries.
30 мая 2011
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