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Obesity weighs down on top soda guzzler Mexico Artemio Martinez balanced his corpulent frame on a stool in a Mexico City street taco stand, downing a sweet soda and eating a final pork-filled corn tortilla.
24 мая 2013
Villagers discover ancient ball game statue in Mexico Villagers installing a water pipe in southwestern Mexico stumbled onto an ancient granite statue depicting a player from a pre-Hispanic ball game.
21 мая 2013
©REUTERS/Alejandro Acosta Mexico deploys thousands of troops to crime-torn state Mexico deployed thousands of extra troops to the western state of Michoacan on Monday in a bid to tamp down drug cartel violence amid the emergence of vigilante groups.
21 мая 2013
Mexico cuts 2013 growth forecast to 3.1% Mexico cut its 2013 growth forecast on Friday after the economy expanded less than expected in the first quarter due to slumping industrial production and near stagnant exports.
18 мая 2013
Mexico volcano spews ash on towns Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano spewed a new column of ash late Tuesday, with some of the material falling on three towns while glowing rocks landed on the towering mountain's slope.
15 мая 2013
Obama to talk trade, drugs at Central America summit US President Barack Obama heads to Costa Rica on Friday for a summit with Central American leaders on trade, immigration and the drug war after renewing security ties with Mexico.
03 мая 2013
©REUTERS HRW urges Obama to address Mexico drug war abuses US President Barack Obama should address human rights violations related to Mexico's Washington-backed war on drugs when he visits the country this week.
01 мая 2013
Astana Arlans logo Boxing: Astana Arlans flattens Mexico Guerreros Kazakhstan boxers won all five bouts that were held as part of the semifinal WSB match in Almaty on April 20.
22 апреля 2013
Coaches of the teams. © Boxing: Astana Arlans and Mexico Guerreros weigh-in Bagdad Alimbekov, Samat Bashenov, Ruslan Myrsatayev, Sergey Derevyanchenko, Ehsan Rouzbahani and Eric Donovan will fight for Kazakhstan.
19 апреля 2013
Photo courtesy of WSB website Boxing: Astana Arlans beat Mexico Guerreros in WSB semifinal The WSB match between Astana Arlans and Mexico Guerreros ended with the score of 3:2. The return match will be held in Almaty on April 20.
16 апреля 2013
Foreign wind farms cause uproar in Mexican villages Foreign energy firms have flocked to a narrow region of southern Mexico, known as one of the world's windiest places, to build towering wind turbines, but some projects have angered and torn indigenous villages.
07 апреля 2013
Seven killed in Mexican bar shooting A gunman opened fire in a bar in northern Mexico on Thursday, killing seven people and wounding two others in the latest burst of violence in the country.
31 марта 2013
After Mexico court ruling, gay couple weds in Oaxaca Two women became the first same-sex couple to marry in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca after the Supreme Court found the state's definition of marriage unconstitutional.
29 марта 2013
Mexico fireworks explosion kills 9, injures 70 A small truck loaded with fireworks for a religious event exploded in central Mexico on Friday, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens, with one witness saying he saw "bodies flying" as people ran for cover.
17 марта 2013
Mexico moves to end telecom monopolies: government Mexico's government introduced a draft constitutional reform Monday to end monopolies in telecoms industries that have built some of the country's biggest fortunes.
12 марта 2013
Sex abuse victims list 'dirty dozen' papal candidates Clergy sex abuse victims listed a "dirty dozen" potential papal candidates Wednesday and urged the Roman Catholic Church to "get serious" about protecting children, helping victims and exposing corruption.
08 марта 2013
©REUTERS/Eloy Alonso Asteroid strike did in the dinosaurs: study Scientists said Thursday they are a step closer to proving the death blow for dinosaurs 66 million years ago was a gigantic comet or asteroid that struck near Mexico.
09 февраля 2013
Mexican girl, 9, gives birth, authorities seek father A nine-year-old Mexican girl has given birth and authorities are looking for the presumed father, who is 17.
07 февраля 2013
Mexico top court frees French woman jailed for kidnap A French woman was freed from Mexican prison Wednesday after the Supreme Court ruled that police violated her rights by staging her arrest for kidnapping on national television seven years ago.
25 января 2013
Photo courtesy of Mexico City to boot Azeri leader's statue from avenue A bronze statue of Azerbaijan's late leader is going to be booted out of Mexico City's most famous avenue after rights activists complained that a "dictator" did not deserve such an honor.
25 января 2013

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