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12.11.2015 18:49 Companies
One of largest Kazakhstan’s banks Kaspi Bank has acquired the status of a bank holding company.
14.08.2015 19:42 Companies
Chairman of the Management Board of Nurbank Kantar Orynbayev has voluntarily resigned, Deputy Chairman Saken Akhmetov replaced him.
13.08.2015 18:34 Companies
Kazakh-Chinese oil company Velikaya Stena in Aktobe in Kazakhstan's west is laying off many workers.
30.08.2013 12:06 Companies
The European Central Bank, under fire for being largely a men's club, plans to double the number of women in its top ranks.
30.07.2013 16:47 Markets
11 airports are being transferred under the Department's jurisdiction.
25.06.2013 19:40 Politics
Today's meeting of the National Commission for Personnel Policies was chaired by the head of the Presidential Administration Karim Massimov.
31.05.2013 18:28 Companies
Singapore company JURONG will manage special economic zones in Ayrau and Taraz.
30.05.2013 16:52 Politics
30 percent of the public officials whose positions have been transferred to the A Block in Kazakhstan have not passed the tests.
28.05.2013 16:51 Politics
National Management Holding Baiterek will be established in Kazakhstan.
22.05.2013 23:32 Politics
Shareholder of the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Aleksander Mashkevich suggests to start training project managers in Kazakhstan.
22.05.2013 22:26 Education
Nazarbayev suggests to transfer some of Kazakhstan's public universities to foreign corporations and national companies for management.
22.05.2013 16:10 Politics
Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund may replace one third of its managing directors.
17.05.2013 15:08 Politics
Managing Director of NC Production Operations Company (NCPOC) that develops Kashagan field has announced his resignation.
13.03.2013 14:13 Politics
A memorandum of experience exchange in local self-government has been signed between Poland and Kazakhstan.
11.12.2012 15:43 Companies
This was suggested by an independent director of KazTransGas at the meeting of independent directors of Samruk-Kazyna group of companies with the Fund's chairman.
10.12.2012 14:13 Politics
Of course, men rule the world. But men are ruled by women anyway: Nursultan Nazarbayev.
29.11.2012 12:57 Crime
Thousands of workers protested for a third day Wednesday after Bangladesh's worst garment factory fire as police arrested three managers over claims they stopped employees from leaving the burning plant.
19.11.2012 17:37 People
46-y.o. Kazakhstan-born Moldazhanova was ranked 23rd with an annual income of $4 million.
30.10.2012 16:22 Companies
Apple on Monday announced that the executive in charge of Maps, Siri and other software in its culture-changing iPhones is leaving as part of a shakeup in the upper ranks of the company.
16.10.2012 18:31 Politics
The US on Monday accused Iran of extreme economic mismanagement as biting sanctions wreak havoc on the Iranian economy, and the European Union agreed a new slew of moves against the regime.
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