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221 women head administrations in Kazakhstan 10 декабря 2012, 14:13

Of course, men rule the world. But men are ruled by women anyway: Nursultan Nazarbayev.
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221 women head administrations of different levels in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. Earlier Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that women had been actively taking part in establishment of the country and had been supporting its development during 20 years of independence. “Of course, men rule the world. But men are ruled by women anyway. They (men) often deem it unacceptable to let women do the jobs where big decisions have to be made. But this is not right. My life experience shows that when you replace a man with a woman, there is always more order and discipline. There is always reliability and loyalty,” the President of Kazakhstan said. 49 women head administrations of different levels in Astana and Akmola blast. Only one regional municipality is headed by a woman in Almaty: Zauresh Amanzholova heads administration of Almaty’s Bostandyk region. Meanwhile, women manage two villages in Almaty oblast. Tuimentai Uzenbayeva was appointed Akim (Mayor) of Talap village in 1995. 44 women head village administrations in Kostanay oblast. Maira Belgibayeva has been in her position of Akim of Druzhba village the longest: since 1994. There are 31 Akim women in East-Kazakhstan oblast. North-Kazakhstan oblast has 30 of them. The most number of woman managing local municipalities (seven) turned out to be in Timiryazev region. Saksh Uzdenbayeva has the biggest experience: she was appointed Akim of Khmelnitskiy village in 1998. Only one woman works as regional Akim in Pavlodar oblast: Aizada Kurmanova who was appointed head of Lebyazhinskiy region in 2011. Other women work as Akims in 24 villages. Akim of Nazarovskiy village has been in power the longest: since 1995. Women head administrations of 12 villages in Aktobe oblast. 56-y.o. Akbope Abdualiyeva was been in power the longest: she has been heading administration of Karabasha village for 16 years. 12 villages are managed by women in West-Kazakhstan oblast with Akim of Zhanazhol village Assiya Zhakupova and Akim of Prirechensk village Irina Karimova being in their positions the longest - since 2000. 9 women hold the power in the villages of Atyrau oblast. Akim of Yeskene village Gulbagila Amaniyazova was appointed in 1996. Women head 4 villages in Zhambyl oblast. Two of them were appointed in 2008 and another 2 came to power in 2012. Administration is entrusted to only one woman in Karaganda oblast. Saltana Abeuova has been heading Aktogai region since August 2012. Zhanbibi Moldasheva is the only female regional Akim in Mangistau oblast. She was appointed in 2011. There are no women among regional Akims of South-Kazakhstan oblast. The highest position a woman managed to take in this oblast is deputy head of oblast Akim’s office. This position is held by Lyazzat Smagulova. Three women hold the positions of deputy Akim of Shymkent (Gulzhan Kurmanbekova), deputy Akim of Tole bi (Rabiga Baissebayeva) and deputy Akim of Makhtaral (Altyn Yeshankulova). The situation is the same in Kyzylorda oblast. Only one woman has managed to make her way to deputy Akim of the region.

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