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07.11.2014 10:40 Companies
German automakers BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are battling furiously to dominate the lucrative US luxury car market.
22.08.2014 22:55 Companies
CAVIAR iPhone brand has designed an exclusive iPhone line specially for Kazakhstan.
24.05.2014 13:26 Auto
The WTO on Friday rejected Chinese tariffs on US-made luxury cars, handing Washington a victory on one of the growing number of disputes between the world's two largest economies.
24.04.2014 15:58 Markets
Al-Farabi Avenue in Almaty is in the 40th place among the most expensive streets in the world according to Cushman & Wakefield.
20.03.2014 10:15 Auto
Porsche, the German maker of luxury sports cars, said Wednesday it is recalling all 911 GT3 models built this year due to risk of possible engine fire.
05.03.2014 11:55 Auto
Massive or small, affordable or off-the scale pricey: urban sports utility vehicles abound at the Geneva Motor Show, with luxury carmakers speeding into the lucrative market.
08.02.2014 15:03 Entertainment, Style
Heavy woollen coats unbuttoned to reveal sexy silk and chiffon dresses, New York Fashion Week is indulging women of style with a double-layered look for fall/winter 2014.
23.12.2013 11:03 Companies
Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group has won a lawsuit against US jewellery group Tiffany & Co over a failed joint venture to jointly design and market luxury watches.
19.12.2013 09:48 Markets
Luxury watch sales fell in the key Chinese market this year in the face of a crackdown on corruption and extravagance, a global consultancy said.
24.11.2013 15:47 Auto
Luxury carmakers are falling over themselves to tap into a growing trend for crossover compact SUVs, targeting young urban professionals who want a sporty feel with high-end cachet.
14.11.2013 16:41 Strange News
A Chinese suitor who gave his future bride an auspicious 8.88 million yuan ($1.5 million) in cash drew ire Thursday for the extravagant display of wealth in the still-developing country.
04.11.2013 13:00 People
Other tycoons may plough their millions into yachts or private jets, but Vasily Klyukin prefers a good "adventure". On his diary for next year? A space trip with Leonardo DiCaprio.
31.10.2013 10:43 Cinema, Music
If box office takings have stagnated in recent years, one US cinema is wooing back film lovers with big, fat, leather recliners... reminiscent of well, beds.
22.10.2013 17:35 Entertainment, Style
The exclusive world of business jets associated with film stars and royalty is showing signs of being on the up as a vital tool for companies and executives.
18.10.2013 23:38 Politics
Rich people should channel their wealth into development of the country that helped them become who they are, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
30.09.2013 14:19 Entertainment, Style
With melons that sell for the price of a new car and grapes that go for more than $100 a pop, Japan is a country where perfectly-formed fruit can fetch a fortune.
18.09.2013 14:39 Auto
Audi, the top-of-the-range carmaker owned by German auto giant Volkswagen, on Tuesday said it would start producing cars in Brazil from 2015.
04.09.2013 12:14 Auto
A British property developer said Tuesday it was investigating after sun rays reflected from its half-finished London skyscraper melted parts of several cars, including a luxury Jaguar.
27.08.2013 16:45 Entertainment, Style
Half a dozen new five-star hotels, flagship stores for Louis Vuitton, Prada and Emporio Armani: Vienna is undergoing a luxury facelift that is delighting Arab, Asian and Russian tourists.
11.06.2013 14:32 Companies
Custom-made shoe moulds hanging in a sun-filled workshop are the secret behind the success of luxury Italian shoemaker Tod's, which is flourishing despite a recession-hit economy.
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