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08.03.2016 23:59 Health
The EU postponed a decision to extend the approval of a key weedkiller for another 15 years amid an uproar that it may cause cancer.
04.03.2015 13:48 Sport
The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has requested the withdrawal of the World Tour license of Astana Pro Team following the completion of the team's audit.
18.09.2014 16:51 Gadgets
Apple's iPhone 6 still lacks a key network access licence in China
15.01.2014 11:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign supermarket giants faced being shut out of the Indian capital after Delhi's new state government decided not grant them a licence to operate.
26.10.2013 11:29 Industry, Infrastructure
Greenland awarded Thursday its first big mining exploitation license, approving an iron extraction project by British company London Mining, and lifted a ban on exploiting uranium.
29.08.2013 17:41 Cinema, Music
Justin Bieber was stopped for running a stop sign and driving without a license Wednesday, in the Canadian teen sensation's latest run-in with traffic police.
06.08.2013 16:26 Laws, Initiatives
Kenya on Monday revoked all mining licences granted in the months before and after March elections and announced that it was hiking royalties paid by companies operating in its nascent mining sector.
05.08.2013 19:02 Finance
The three banks “had violated the country’s legislation on counteraction to laundering illicitly obtained income and interaction to financing of terrorism”.
31.07.2013 23:33 Companies
Up to October 30 individuals won’t be able to open deposits or accounts with the Bank, with all the contracts signed with individuals before July 30 being fully valid.
31.07.2013 20:56 Companies
AsiaCredit Bank's license to accept deposits and open bank accounts for individuals has been suspended.
24.06.2013 14:29 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan children will be officially allowed to drive vehicles.
05.02.2013 14:45 People
Russian-born press baron Evgeny Lebedev has won a licence to run a new digital television station for Londoners.
07.09.2012 13:11 Internet
US technology giant Apple is in talks to license music for broadcast on a custom online radio service modeled after Pandora.
06.09.2012 10:47 Emergencies
The death toll from a huge blaze at a fireworks factory in southern India rose to 38 on Thursday as police revealed that the plant's licence had been suspended only a day before the tragedy.
25.07.2012 13:10 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan authorities will toughen licensing requirements and issue licenses for construction of social facilities and housing only to major companies.
14.07.2012 14:14 Military
Britain must exercise more caution in granting licences for the export of arms to authoritarian regimes such as Bahrain in light of the Arab Spring uprisings, a parliamentary report has urged.
11.07.2012 14:28 Entertainment, Style
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's nuclear program already has the world's attention but the young dictator has now defied the owner of one of America's most famous exports -- Mickey Mouse.
25.06.2012 11:34 Laws, Initiatives
80 permitting documents and 60 percent of socially important services are to be switched to the electronic format by the end of the year: Minister.
27.02.2012 10:47 Laws, Initiatives
The number of licensed activities was cut in Kazakhstan.
11.08.2011 01:13 Kazakhstan
Senim bank, TAIB Kazakhstan, Credit Altyn and Al Hilal, first Islamic bank in Kazakhstan had their licenses suspended for three months.
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