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04.09.2015 14:55 Environment
Raging wildfires have turned the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake in Siberia into an inferno, threatening the health and livelihood of locals.
30.07.2015 20:26 Disasters
Mudflow consequences are still being remedied in Almaty that was hit by a powerful mud flow on July 23.
23.07.2015 12:05 Disasters
At aroud 2.15 am morainic lake Bezymyannoye at Kargaly glacier outburst. The water volume of the lake stood at 40 000 cubic meters. The outburst caused mud flows, with part of them overtopping the dam on the Kargaly River.
21.03.2015 13:50 Environment
The unpleasant smell in Astana caused by sewage waters discharged into Taldykol Lake near the capital city will be eliminated by 2017.
15.01.2015 08:55 People
Kazakhstani boxer Gennady Golovkin is constructing a resort in the Karkaralinsk National Park, Karaganda Oblast.
06.01.2015 13:08 Laws, Initiatives
The lower chamber of Kazakhstan’s Parliament - the Majilis - has ratified a draft bill on Amendments to Articles 25 and 26 of the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes.
26.12.2014 17:18 Environment
The Committee on Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan is considering construction of nonrigid dams on the Ili River to maintain the water level of Balkhash lake.
31.10.2014 17:42 Fun Stuff
Travellers discover a 'talking' lake in Alaska.
28.08.2014 20:18 Environment
A Kazakh scientist claims there is evidence that suggests that mudflow threat to Almaty city is high.
09.07.2014 16:30 Environment
An unidentified grey mass has polluted the shores of Lake Shalkar in West Kazakhstan Oblast.
24.03.2014 14:15 Sport
Yacht Racing World Championship will bring more than 60 boats to Balkhash, Kazakhstan.
04.01.2014 14:06 Environment
A stone bridge dating back to the Ming dynasty has been discovered after water levels plunged at China's largest freshwater lake, a Beijing newspaper reported Friday.
09.10.2013 13:38 Science, Technologies
Gold and silver pieces as well as bones and pottery from 1,500 years ago were discovered in Lake Titicaca by underwater archaeologists.
24.07.2013 16:13 Strange News
An unusual creature that looks like a tadpole shrimp of Branchiopoda class was found in one of the lakes of South Kazakhstan.
16.02.2013 18:50 Emergencies
Divers scoured the bottom of a Russian lake on Saturday for fragments of a meteorite that plunged to Earth in a blinding fireball whose shockwaves injured 1,200 people and damaged thousands of homes.
05.02.2013 20:26 Environment
Balkhash lake may lose up to 86 percent of its water reserves by 2045, which will mean a huge environmental disaster for Kazakhstan.
21.01.2013 13:24 Science, Technologies
A US spacecraft orbiting Mars has provided evidence of an ancient crater lake fed by groundwater, adding further support to theories that the Red Planet may once have hosted life.
15.10.2012 10:08 Environment
Kazakhstan’s Man and Biosphere Committee drafted a proposal on including Alakol Lake into the UNESCO Network of Biosphere Reserves.
12.07.2012 17:58 Industry, Infrastructure
An oceanarium will be constructed at the territory of 0.6 hectares on the east coast of Sairan lake in Almaty: Architecture and City Planning Department of Almaty.
03.08.2011 14:23 Environment
The list also includes Lake Baikal, Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River basin, the Mediterranean Sea, the Yangdze, Indus and Gang Rivers, San Felix and Juan Fernández islands and the Kerguelen Archipelago.
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