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13.11.2013 13:51 Crime
Television took its central role in the American home after President John F. Kennedy's assassination, a national trauma that unfolded in real time and was uniquely suited to the emerging medium.
27.08.2013 19:07 Politics
Venezuela said Monday it derailed a plot to kill President Nicolas Maduro, arresting two hitmen it said wanted to execute the leftist leader on orders from a Colombian ex-president.
07.12.2012 10:51 Crime
The FBI is appealing for information about the travels of a suspected serial killer believed to have murdered up to 15 people over more than a decade, after his suicide in jail last weekend.
21.07.2012 12:09 Crime
Bulgarian police, the FBI and Interpol are struggling to identify a suicide bomber who killed six people, including five Israelis, as the US said the attack bore the "hallmarks" of Hezbollah.
12.07.2012 16:42 Crime
An African American man diagnosed with mental retardation will be executed on July 18 for killing a fellow prisoner, his lawyer said.
05.07.2012 10:30 Cinema, Music
A man wanted over a beheading murder who was eventually captured in the Australian Outback auditioned to be a film extra while on the run -- winning the role of a policeman in a homicide thriller.
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