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09.05.2014 13:27 Fun Stuff
Three-year old Zhang Junhao of Shandong province in China has won the sympathy of the jury and the audience with his dance on the Amazing Chinese TV show.
12.03.2014 14:53 Art, Books
Not content with writing a best-selling autobiography, Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards now is coming out with his first children's book in September, publishing house Little.
09.02.2014 13:39 Cinema, Music
Breakout performances of kids in the crossfire of brutal adult life took centre stage at the 64th Berlin film festival Friday, set in 1970s Belfast and today's German capital.
24.01.2014 18:02 Education
Two-thirds of young children in the United States now have access to an e-reader or tablet, but only half of them actually use the device to read.
15.01.2014 16:04 Education
A program launched globally on Tuesday set out to inspire children to present their big ideas for changing the world.
15.01.2014 10:43 People
Are people with kids happier than people without? In the United States, those with and without kids rate their lives about the same, but globally children tend to diminish well-being.
03.05.2013 19:17 Crime
The accidental shooting death of a two-year-old at the hands of her five-year-old brother has revived the perennial gun debate in the United States, where weapons are made just for kids.
02.07.2012 13:05 People
In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) has given the world about five million new people since the first test tube baby was born in England 34 years ago.
23.04.2012 18:54 Emergencies
A 5-year-old boy from Kazakhstan died after falling out of hotel’s window in the UAE.
08.06.2011 18:11 Kazakhstan
46 pairs of twins have been born in Ust-Kamenogorsk since the beginning of the year.
24.05.2011 15:08 Kazakhstan
A 5-year-old kid is alive after falling from the seventh floor in Semei.
03.05.2011 16:13 People
Dutch football club VVV-Venlo signed a 10-year contract with 1.5-year kid after a video posted on YouTube.
25.04.2011 14:56 Crime
A woman from Almaty shot her kids and committed suicide after finding out that her husband had been cheating on her.